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Bartho Braat plays a key role in 360-degree film

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Ex-GTST’Bartho Braat (66) has a key role to tackle it in the 360 degrees-thriller Revenge. On 14 July the film premiere, but is then not on the white canvas.

Revenge revolves around a group of students, who have their weekend on the beach. They stay in duinhotel, that by a strange man and his traumatized son run. Bartho takes the role of the eccentric owner.

360 degrees

The movie is not in theaters but will appear after the premiere in four parts on Facebook. By the 360-degree option may filmkijkers choose from which point of view they see the movie. According to director Raymond Grimbergen adds the 360-degree technique ‘something extra’: ‘You can be looking around you and see things, that others do not see. Because of this you can also other things to know about the story,’ he says against BuzzE.


Viewers don’t have to be afraid that they will something important be missed by the 360-degree technique. During the movie, they get different hints of what there is outside their field of vision is done, says co-director Melcher Hillmann at BuzzE: ‘There are still all kinds of verhaallijntjes by interwoven. The viewer is signaled by means of, for example, sound. You hear all of a sudden something behind you or the actors lead you to a certain direction.’

Britt Scholte

Bartho is not the only (ex-)GTST, who in Revenge to see. Britt Scholte, who in the soap opera Kimberly Sanders plays, played one of the lead roles. She plays one of the students. Niek Roozen, known from middle school, takes on the role of the traumatised son.

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