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Arjen is Well-speak voice in for new Emoji-movie

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Arjen is Well-has a voice coil in the new animated film The Emoji Movie. The presenter speaks the voice of Gene, an emoji with a lot of different facial expressions.

In addition to Arjen may Jandino Asporaat, Bracha of Doesburgh and Patty Brard their voice services to the animated film. Actor and former politician Boris van der Ham is the voice of the famous poop emoticon.

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We can nowadays do without emoji, and that has the film world are well understood. In The emoji movie life the emoticons in the inside of a smartphone. Each emoji has but one facial expression, except Gene. He wants to be normal and asks his best friend, Hi-5 (Jandino Asporaat) and codekraker Hackie (Bracha van Doesburgh) for help.

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