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Amazon wants to be a tv series of Lord of the Rings make

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Internetgigant Amazon is in negotiation with Warner Bros and the heirs of J. R. R. Tolkien to the rights of the Lord of the Rings to buy for a tv series.

The American mediablad Variety reports on its website that Amazon the success of HBO’s Game of thrones wants to emulate, and a golden opportunity to see in the well-known ringtrilogie of Tolkien.

Millions of

The negotiations are still at an early stage, but that Amazon is dead serious, which is evident from the fact that they reportedly have between 200 and 250 million dollars want to pay to have the rights in hands.

Hooks and eyes

The heirs of Tolkien to see their opportunity and are now initiated conversation with several parties, including Netflix and HBO. According to website Deadline would HBO all thank you for the honor, especially because there are quite a few hooks and eyes to the deal. So would a number of well-known characters from the ringtrilogie and the corresponding films are not in the tv version may appear.

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