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Ali B plays in the Belgian film

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No one less than Ali B plays a role in a Belgian movie. The rapper is soon to be seen in the crime drama Patser.

And that is for Ali B his first roll of film ever. The shooting of the film will take place in Antwerp and are still working. Dutch Filmworks, distributor of the film, made this Saturday known.

Eric Corton

Ali B is not the only Dutchman who can see in Patser. Also, Eric Corton, who previously shone in the series Penoza, plays a role in the film. The rest of the roles will be filled by Belgians.


The film is about four young people from Antwerp who are active in the drug world and that they have not determined to make friends. The spokesman of Ali B reports that the rapper is one of the bastards plays.

In 2018, the film in Dutch cinemas.

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