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Again pneumonia for Mies Bouwman

ff5fe7fb9f527d49eae40780e0cb4118 - Again pneumonia for Mies Bouwman

It does not go well with the health of Mies Bouwman. The tv celebrity is affected by a pneumonia. Currently, there is still nothing known about the severity of the situation.

Mies Bouwman has the burden of pneumonia. This is evident from a press release of a construction company. Mies would be a new construction project in Elst, Gelderland, open, but due to illness she had to cancel. Her son Joost Trimp took on behalf of the tv-icon of the face where. It is not yet known how serious the pneumonia is exactly.


It is not the first time that Mies has to contend with a pneumonia. In 2014, it was also once touch. She was then on new year’s eve in the hospital, that she a week later was allowed to leave. Let’s hope they will this time again of afbrengt.

Mies Bouwman

Mies Bouwman was in the fifties responsible for the increasing popularity of television in the Dutch living room. In 1951 she began as omroepster with the KRO. More than forty years was a Farmer with her cheerful personality is one of the most pivotal presentatrices on tv.

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