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Aalst is in addition to Roeselare to lead in the Euromillions Volley League

The seventh weekend started Friday with Amigos Zoersel-Aalst, a re-release of the eighth finals of the Cup of Belgium. Last week turned out to Zoersel stronger, but now took Aalst revenge. It climbs so (at least for one day) in addition to leader of Roeselare.

Last week’s worth of four sets for Amigos Zoersel to advance to the quarter finals of the cup, now there were as many sets needed, but took the victory to the visitors. The Aalstenaren were burned on a better performance, because a three pointer amounted to the first place. It went very smoothly in the first two sets, but then there was a relapse (17-25, 16-25, 26-24, 15-25). Gert van Walle was top scorer with 28 points.

Saturday, may Roeselare distance, but then it should be over provinciegenoot Believe. In the past it had occasionally problems with the derby. Wondering whether the defeat against Maaseik fully flushed. The day is Saturday also guarantees tension between two provinciehoofdsteden. Leuven receives Ghent, and in the top five climbing, while Gent above all wants to leave the last place. Before the full pot is needed.


Amigos Zoersel – Aalst 1-3(Match Results: 17-25; 16-25; 26-24; 15-25)

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