A wonderful edition of Into The Great Wide Open

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After two cold and rainy editions, was this year’s beautiful weather during Into The Great Wide Open. Then it shows immediately what added value the location of this festival.

An ideal day at Into The Great Wide Open is more than just straps. You can start the day with a dip in the sea. The temperature of the water is this time of the year at best. Then you can make a detour through the dunes and the forest, the pleasant village of Oost-Vlieland visit for a lovely breakfast, an extensive lunch or a good cup of coffee. When you then from the village towards the ferry terminal, walk or bike, going to the festival itself beckon.

Ice rink

Unlike many other festivals, there is not one big festival, but there are also smaller locations in the hilly forests of the island. At the intimate stage At the ice skating Rink coming singer-songwriters very well to their right. Such as, for example, the Belgian Tamino. He makes the hype around his name. By, among other things, the quirky percussion and the synths, rids himself of the title “the new Jeff Buckley”. The highlight is the beautiful Habibi.

Tamino is an act that perfectly fits Into The Great Wide Open. The festival does not have a miljoenenbudget to big names to the island to lure. And that is just fine to ITGWO. This will force the programmers to be careful, or anywhere there is an emerging talent around or that there are acts who are enjoy this very special place. Vlieland you can reach only by boat and go there but a few per day. Musicians can not, therefore, directly after the show in the bus jump and to the next gig drive. They must also be in the languid pace of the island.

The best part of this is that artists after lounging around or even a whole weekend stay. That last did for example the British band Daughter. Also rapper Fresku was for a longer time on the island and seemed to enjoy the atmosphere. The atmosphere at many other festivals encounter. And the fact that the sun this time for three days, it seemed, made it this year even more beautiful than before.


Musically, there was much beauty. I already mentioned Tamino, but the most impressive was Kate Tempest. On Sunday afternoon, she quit on The Spot. A stage in a beautiful spot in the forest. As an artist, should the view are impressive. Kate Tempest played her album Let Them Eat Chaos integral. An obvious choice, because the album tells a very nice story about the lives of 7 people in London.

Live out the lyrics of Kate Tempest even harder inside than on the album. The idyllic island of Vlieland is just not, because Kate takes us into the grey residential towers of the big city. Through its characters the audience think about what’s really important in life. Heavy stuff, but so beautifully put that there after several people with tears in their eyes. Some festival-goers are rushing quickly to the establishment of the Concerto on the Sports field. Within no time all her music there sold out. Truly a legendary performance.

It is notable that hip-hop is doing well this year. Fresku and Mocromaniac build a party, a newcomer Loyle Carner impresses with his technique and clever freestyles and Tiggs da Author is a perfect antidote to the main stage. Especially for the young festival-goers, there is on Saturday night in the Bolder an evening full of hip-hop. I come in halfway through the show of Jairzinho. It is striking how young the audience is and how quick it is to respond to the music. Into The Great Wide Open has the image that it is mainly 30 people and 40 people it attracts, but here is a whole new generation. If Jairzinho his hit Pace (thick 27 million views on YouTube), explodes the room.

Singing saw

When Donnie is the party even bigger. His feel for language is very different than the average rapper, but his music is just so much fun. In combination with the dope productions of Bass Source makes for a very infectious mix. During valve The garden Hose is going to make it harder to los than in any other performance at the festival. Delicious show. Just as tasty, but very different was the fine performance of Spinvis on Sunday morning. Beautiful music, warm sunlight, verzoeknummers and a singing saw. What more do you want?

Into The Great Wide Open had this year again a lot of beauty to offer. Itself I enjoyed, in addition to the acts that I mentioned, also of Jens Lekman, Joe Goddard, Don Bryant, Belle & Sebastian (where the sound is unfortunately not always good) and of course the Dutch topband Moss. As for me, they had the Friday off allowed to close on the Sports field. This honor went to Hercules & Love Affair. In spite of an excellent last album was the show not really good.

What, however, was very good: the food at the festival. This is the year to a higher level. My highlight was the establishment of the Amsterdam restaurant BIN. They passed a high-end vegetarian 3-course menu for a price where you normally are at a festival a bucket of fries and 2 shawarma for. It is strange though that the restaurant does not have wine, if serving. That you had before you get to the restaurant, entered, elsewhere on the site. Hopefully it is that next year no longer required. I see namely already looking forward to the next edition of Into The Great Wide Open!

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