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Omroep MAX will give an account of the yacht race sailing

The Marbles may soon be back sailing! This Frisian sailing competition lasts from 5 to 19 August and will start as always in Grouw. Omroep MAX is there every day, and reports of the popular event.

Sailing has been around since the 19th century, a concept in Friesland. A skûtsje (‘boat’) is a Frisian sailing ship, originally intended for the transport of peat and manure. Until 1880 the ships were still made of wood, but now do the steel skûtsjes to the race.


For those who have never skûtsjesilen has heard, send omroep MAX, on 5 August, the documentary Ljouwerter race . This will give the viewer an explanation about the origin and the rules of the Frisian sailing. The camera is also there when the ship is restored from the warehouse.

Omroep MAX of 5 to 19 August report (except Sunday), at 17: 10 to see at NPO 1. The documentary Ljouwerter race is on 5 August at 20.20 hours on NPO 2.

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