Radio J-Dub, Volume 34 – “Too Soon” Jokes, Supermarket Gambling, and the Oscars

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In today’s episode, you’re going to find out some soccer mom thinks 30 years is still “too soon” for jokes, how a supermarket made the childhood J-Dub a degenerate gambler, and brutally honest breakdown of the self-serving butt-loafs calling for a boycott of the Academy Awards.  Again, you don’t want to miss this.!

BONUS:  The Bruce Burns lifeattitudes blog J-Dub references can be found here. 

DOUBLE BONUS: In case you didn’t know that WWE legend Kamala, The Ugandan Giant was also a recording artist, than get ready to head down a serious YouTube wormhole.

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NOTE: We are on the lookout for podcast contributors and guest columnists.  All reasonable ideas will be considered, but we are really interested in people…

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