Coach’s Death Watch: Week 8 – The “Family Game Night” Edition

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By Jason From Indiana

Whose family did “game night” when they were kids? My family did.  There was nothing quite like those board and card games for either starting fights (who didn’t get one of those red Monopoly hotels thrown at their face?) or serving as the perfect analogy for some of the NFL coaches whose impending demises I’ve been following.  To paraphrase former NFL star Alex Karras in his shining movie moment as Mongo from “Blazing Saddles,” let’s see who going to end up being only a pawn in game of the game of life.

1) Mike Pettine 

Speaking of the game of Life, if you remember it, the idea was to move your little plastic car around the board acquiring money, a spouse, and a bunch of kids.  At the end, you got paid for how much stuff you piled up; the winner being the guy who…

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