The Wally Hotvedt College Football Bowling Challenge

wally hotvedt1 - The Wally Hotvedt College Football Bowling Challenge

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You have to go deep in your Twin Cities television archives to pull up Wally Hotvedt.  If you can do it, you know Wally was one of the hosts of “Let’s Bowl,” which was a bowling-based pseudo-game show turned full-on parody of crap television.  For those of you familiar with the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area, you know “Let’s Bowl” was a staple at the iconic Bryant-Lake Bowl.

If you’re not, you’re still wondering who the fuck is Wally Hotvedt. We’ll come back to that in a minute.

The point here is that Wally really needs work, and that’s why we are happy to have him sponsor this year’s Dubsism College Football Bowl Pick ‘Em Challenge. By those who know down at the bus station, “Let’s Bowl” was often described as a cross between Bowling for Dollars and one of those recurring “Saturday Night Live” skits.  Replace Kristen Wiig’s red…

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