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Centaur Noir – Studio One Session via Iowa Public Radio

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by Ryan Meehan

This past week Iowa Public Radio hosted Quad City favorite Centaur Noir as the latest artist to be featured in their “Studio One” live set sessions. For the those of you who aren’t familiar with the project, Centaur Noir is the brainchild of local musician, visual artist, and videographer Jon Burns which also features vocalist Lora Wegener. I’m a fan of their stuff because I’m obviously a sucker for pop and dance music in general, so I wanted make sure I could share this recording because it’s important.

You can listen to the stream here:

With the popularity of NPR’s highly-acclaimed “Tiny Desk Sessions” and other radio stations doing in-house broadcasts, I think we’ve already seen that this is going to be a medium which definitely will have a huge part in shaping the way we hear new music. If you disagree, this clip will probably change your mind pretty quick.

Returning to Centaur Noir, the Studio One session features songs from their last two records “Puppets” and “Celebrate”, and new material which I’m assuming will eventually become their next album. Here’s the track listing:

1. Don Juan

2. Late Nite

3. Fling

4. We Are Centaur Noir

5. Don’t Call Me

6. Celebrate

7. Madonna Blues

8. The Pretender

9. Save Them

10. Lean on Me

I was excited to hear “Don Juan” first because it’s my favorite song of theirs, and the rest of it is pretty great as well. There are a few spaces between songs where they discuss their music in addition to the Baby Noir record, which is also worth a listen. Catch up with this and all of their other recordings at any of the links below.

Centaur Noir on Facebook:

Centaur Noir on Twitter:

Centaur Noir on Bandcamp:

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