Coaches Death Watch: Week 7 – The “Red Shirt” Edition

redshirt walking dead1 - Coaches Death Watch:  Week 7 – The “Red Shirt” Edition

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By Jason From Indiana

One of my favorite TV shows is Star Trek. There have been five incarnations of Star Trek, but my favorite was always the original. Captain James T. Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, you know them all.  You also know the tale of the “red shirt;” meaning characters who you didn’t recognize who were wearing such a garment were as good as dead.  The exception to this rule of cours was Scotty, who proved that being a Canadian playing a Scotsman could be made impervious to pretty much anything by marinating him in enough single-malt scotch to float the Enterprise.  That means this week’s edition of the Coaches Death Watch is all about which of these guys will be Scotty, and which will end up in a rubber bag with the Star Fleet logo on it.

1) Mike Pettine ↑2 

A common trait of a “red…

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