Your College Football Heavyweight Champion Is…Nebraska?

mike tysons punchout1 - Your College Football Heavyweight Champion Is…Nebraska?

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There’s all sorts of polls out there for determining who is #1 in college football. Later today, the College Football Playoff Committee will put out it’s version, based on this season’s first list last week balanced against what happened this week. To provide a simpler alternative to polls and committees, a while back we here at Dubsism wondered what would happen if college football determined its top dog the same way boxing did?  What that means is simple; a team is #1 until somebody beats them.  So, rather that wait for next week’s cavalcade of polls, all you have to do is watch #1’s game, and if they lose, we have a new #1.

Then the question became what the history of being #1 would look like if the boxing theory were in place.

So, we went all the way back to the first college football game in 1869 and…

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