Open Letter To Indianapolis Colts Fans: Stop Your Hypocritical, Cry-Baby Crap

Fantastic article by Jason from Indiana over at Dubsism. A must read…

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By “Jason From Indiana”

Editor’s Note: “Jason from Indiana” has made several appearances on Radio J-Dub, and we have added him to the contributing staff here at Dubsism.  This decision was made as Jason will be our resident expert on the shenanigans of the main stream sports media. 

Jason listens to just about every major sports podcast out there, and his main claim to fame is that he has been Twitter-blocked by almost everybody at ESPN.  


The dictionary definition is: the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform. I have my own definition. An Indianapolis Colts fan.

Anyone who knows me, has heard me as a guest on Radio J-Dub, or read my previous post here knows I am a Patriots fan living in Indiana. And again if you know me, you know I pre-date the Brady/Belichick era. Hell…

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