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7 Questions with Diana Feria

By Ryan Meehan

International R&B/Latin star Diana Feria released her first album in 2009 and is known for such hits as “Ahora Hablo Yo,” “Aqui Hay Conciencia,” “The Root” and “Mopping The Floor.” Born Diana Feria Silva, on Dec. 4th, 1984 in The Canary Islands, Diana began training and developing her vocals at an early age, influenced by such iconic talents as Ruben Blades, Rachelle Ferrell, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston.  Moving more into her Latin music roots, the singer displayed her talents by shifting to more “Tropipop” mid tempo dance tracks.   Diana has performed in some of the biggest venues and music festivals in Morocco, France and Spain.  As her performing career continues to push boundaries, Diana is constantly working to reinvent herself and set trends.  Despite the soundtrack placements in Happy Feet, recent Latin Grammys Awards nomination with Jorge Luis Chacin, features with Universal Records hip hop artist Nach, receiving her Masters Degree in Vocal Jazz & Modern Music, a collaboration with Xavier V.Combs (Aloe Blacc guitar player) and the recent album collaboration with producer and songwriter J Burgeois, Diana Feria is just getting started.  She is busy adding more credits to her burgeoning resume: songwriting, producing, composing, fashion designing, acting and being an astute business entrepreneur.  Diana Feria can be seen performing promotional shows in the Los Angeles, California Area, while preparing for her upcoming 2016 tour.  With her many talents, beauty, fashion and business sense to match, this Island girl is ready to shock the world.

RM:  What was the first song that you performed – in front of those close to you – which caused others to really take note of your incredibly gifted voice?

DF: I was 7 years old when I performed for the first time at my school, it was a traditional Venezuelan song called “Ramon Castilla” that I had listened to since I was born. It’s funny how at such early age I was able to organize my own rehearsal and even prepare an encore song just in case “the crowd” (family and friends)  asked for another song..

RM:  Your Twitter bio simply reads:  “Mujer en reconstrucción” which translates in English to “Woman in Reconstruction”…Could you elaborate a little bit on how that phrase relates to your life journey on both a personal and professional level?

DF:   My whole life and career has been about change and adapting to new things, trying new styles for the first time, being open-minded to new genres and ideas, traveling and just building my inner spiritual being as a woman.  Life is all about building foundation and that’s what I feel I’m doing every day of my life.

RM:  When it comes to songwriting, what would you say is your biggest strength?  Why do you think that you excel at that particular facet of your craft?

DF: I really like the “music” side of a song. I think music should speak for itself and make you feel things without needing any words, like in a movie score. I think I express myself better with music than with words, but sometimes words are necessary to get more people to understand what I’m trying to say.

RM:  How does the material you are working on for your next project different from everything you’ve recorded up until this point?

DF:  I’m learning every day, from different people and different experiences, that shows up in my new music and you can tell in my voice and my songs.  The more sure I am about my style and what I want to say to the World, the better it sounds. I’m always looking for ways to improve and to apply new concepts to my music. I’m a little bit more perfectionist now and you can feel it when you listen to my new songs.

RM:  What has been the most significant change you have made in your approach to the art of vocal performance over the course of your career?

DF: When I realized how close can I get to people just by opening my eyes when singing… Expressing my music with my whole body, eyes, face and hands, made a huge difference when performing. Stay connected and keep the energy circulating between me and the listener.

RM:  For someone who doesn’t know anything about fashion whatsoever, how would you best explain your relationship with that art form?  How do you define whether or not something is fashionable?

DF: I have always been close to fashion because my best friend at school was a crazy talented and creative girl that loved to experiment on me, and I loved it! I learned so much from her about makeup, fashion design, and all related to that art, now I think it’s very important to look good, and appropriate for each situation, your look has to match your mind and your ideas, and you have to know how to do it, at least a little bit.

RM:  Which instrument that you have not had the opportunity to learn how to play yet would you like to become more familiar with?  To what do you attribute your fascination with that instrument?

DF: I really like wind instruments, brasses in general. Saxophone, trumpet, flutes, trombone… I bought myself a sax not too long ago cause I wanted to be able to record my own brass sections in my songs, I tried playing it for like a month but at that time I didn’t have the place to study and be loud without disturbing the neighbors so I gave up, sold it, and learned how to play guitar instead.  I will probably try again as when I start something I need to finish it.

RM:  What’s up next for you in the remainder of 2015 and beyond?  Anything big in the works that we should know about?

DF: 2015 started strong and full of opportunities but it’s important to be in the right state of mind to make all that happen.  I’m making that my priority, cause I know the rest will come.  I found my strength in my Latin roots and I want to show the World what I’m able to do with it, and with all I have learned in my twenty years dedicated to music so this year I will release my second album and it will be full of tropical rhythms and upbeat songs that will show the most natural part of me as Latin blood runs my veins.

Diana’s user profile at 21 Dreamz:  http://21dreamzvbl.com/clients/diana-feria/

Diana on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/dianaferiamusic

Diana on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/dianaferiamusic

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