A Chronology of the Death of Boxing – Part I

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If you were one of the folks who ponied up the $100 to watch the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, you saw the death of boxing live on Pay-Per-View.  If this were one of those television medical shows, that fight represents the moment where the doctor angrily snaps off his rubber gloves, tosses them disdainfully toward the trash and mutters something like “if only we could have stopped the bleeding.”

Face it…that fight sucked. You had the classic defensive fighter up against an aging puncher with what we found out later was an injured shoulder.  So, in what is likely the last gasp for boxing in America, we got rooked for a C-note to see basically nothing.

Let’s be even more honest.  In the case of boxing, it really wasn’t a quick demise. in the 1950’s boxing was one of the “top four” sports in this country, but by the 1970’s things were…

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