The Blogger’s Roast of J-Dub

dean martin roast jdub1 - The Blogger’s Roast of J-Dub

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"Fix you a drink, Ladies?" (picture some Sade music playing underneath this...) “Fix you a drink, Ladies?” (picture some Sade music playing underneath this…)

SportsChump: As part of marking the 1,000th post on Dubsism, a few fellow bloggers and fans thought it might not be a bad idea to honor the man behind Dubsism with an old-fashioned roast.  Not the Dean Martin or Comedy Central type, we’re talking about shoving an apple in that fat fuckers’ mouth, tossing him on a spit and feeding 75% of Africa.  But since there are laws against that sort of stuff, and even those kids Sally Struthers hasn’t eaten yet won’t eat meat that tastes of bourbon and despair.  Not to mention, that whole cannibalism thing is only OK if you are a South American soccer team stranded in the Andes.

So, we went right back to the Dean Martin thing. We all broke out our tuxedos, or in J-Dubs’ case – his tarp with a…

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