The Deep Six: Nearly Plausible Reasons Why Kentucky Won’t Win

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Yes, you read that headline correctly. We all know that Kentucky is a prohibitive favorite to win this year’s episode of March Madness, but in my world “prohibitive” does not mean “lock.”  I know the first weekend of this tournament will feature a Wildcat team that could conceivably finish in the play-offs of the NBA’s Eastern conference (before you guffaw at that, consider that only means being better than Indiana or the MASH unit known as Miami) matched against teams whose players by this time next year will be engineers or accountants, but there’s four games past that in which the Wildcats will assuredly face stiffer competition than they faced in their conference schedule.

That’s why in these last minutes of bracket-filling mania, I thought it might be wise to consider to entirely possible reasons why Kentucky may not be the team cutting down the nets in Indianapolis…

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