The Dubsism Explanation of the NFL Salary Cap For Non-Lawyers/Accountants

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Now that we are past the Super Bowl, we get into the time when free-agency and the upcoming draft means NFL fans everywhere start creating “wish lists” for their respective teams.  The trouble is that many of these fans simply do not understand that many moves they would like their teams to make are not possible because of the Salary Cap. To make a long story short, the Salary Cap is a limit on the money teams can spend per season on players.

Unfortunately, the Salary Cap is not simply a number. It is actually a quite complex system, and it is really only truly understood by accountants and/or attorneys. That’s why we here at Dubsism formulated an explanation of how the Salary Cap actually works.  To do this, we’ve broken it down to small, easy-to-understand steps involving an example contract, then showing all the permutations which can be applied.

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