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NFL Championship Weekend Wrap-Up

by Ryan Meehan

The stage is set for Super Bowl XLIX, and Sunday gave us the best and worst of both worlds.  We opened up with a game that started out being pretty boring, but then had probably one of the craziest endings in conference championship game history.  The other game was about as close to unwatchable as you can get, and got out of hand really fast.  Either way we now know who will face-off in Glendale two short weeks from now, so let’s look at how it happened in this week’s conference championship wrap-up.

Seahawks 28, Packers 22

I watched this game at a friend’s house, and she is a die-hard Packer fan.  Because I don’t actually feel like coming up with a fake name here – let’s just call her Stephanie.  This girl doesn’t take any shit from anybody and she gets what she wants because she knows how to make it happen.  It was really hard to sit one couch away from her and watch this go down.  Here’s thing about this:  With four minutes left, this game was effectively over.  They actually had the fucking shirts and caps in a box on the sideline ready to go.  Look, it’s hard for me to say the better team won here.  Overall, Green Bay played a much better game than Seattle did.  They just choked at the wrong time, and the rest is history.  The Green Bay Packers gave this game away, and there’s really no other way to put it.  I think there’s something to be said about Mike McCarthy’s play calling in those final moments of the game.  Aside from the drive that scored the tying field goal, everything coming from that sideline in the last five minutes of this game was pure garbage.  I think if we’re going to sit here and stroke Mike’s ego for the Super Bowl XLV win, there has to be an equal amount of energy funneled into figuring out how a team that was up 19-7 with the goddamn ball in their hands ended up losing that football game.  Special teams are crucial, and the onside kick ended up being the straw that would eventually break the camel’s back.  Marshawn Lynch was a big reason that a guy who threw four picks in the NFC Championship is now headed to the Super Bowl.  Russell Wilson only completed fourteen passes, but they came at the most clutch time possible.  Truth be told lot is going to made about his ability to flip the switch and turn that offense on in the final minutes, but where was his access to that switch in the first half when he couldn’t buy a first down to save his life?  That should be a concern for Seahawks fans headed into the most important game on Earth, where they will be facing an absolute killing machine.  Doug Baldwin talking trash to Deion Sanders after the game is so classic – It seems so crazy to me that team is full of the most loudmouthed dudes in the NFL, and then is quarterbacked by a guy who is super quiet and reserved.  Kind of speaks volumes about who’s really running the show up there, doesn’t it?

Patriots 45, Colts 7

This wasn’t really all that surprising to me.  Indianapolis had absolutely no shot to win this game – I said last week that New England was a lock to cover and I was right.  I believe I also said that things could get out of hand really fast, which is true because after a brief stall at 14-7 shit got real on the Indianapolis Colts in a hurry.  New England was killing it running the ball, and LeGarrette Blount had 148 yards on the ground.  Tom Terrific threw for 226 yards and three touchdowns, yet another passable stat line for a guy who’s capable of twice of each of those stats.  They were also vile on defense, holding Indianapolis to a mere 209 total yards in sixty minutes.  That hour of football probably seemed like an eternity for Andrew Luck who had a pathetic 17.7 QBR, and looked to be way out of his league.  He’s going to go to the Super Bowl one day, but the reality of that situation is that won’t happen until Tom Brady retires.  Because he understands that he is going to go someday, there was no pressure on him to perform well in this game and it clearly showed.  The Colts looked like a really young team here, and their inexperience is definitely getting in the way of that offense when they play much better squads.  Their schedule this year was a joke, and I think that in a way it’s actually hurting them when they play teams like New England.  Their level of play has essentially been adjusted to fit a team that gets to play Jacksonville and Tennessee for a quarter of their schedule.  As for New England, what more can I really say here?  They are doing everything right, and even when they are doing it wrong Belichick doesn’t seem to have a care in the world because he knows he can work it out in the end.

What happens next:

Obviously this means that the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots will meet on February 1st for the world championship at Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale, Arizona.  Although there are conflicting reports at the moment, there are some websites that are reporting the Seahawks are early favorites to win the big game.  We’re going to do a huge Super Bowl piece, so I don’t want to say what I really feel just yet but I can assure that any website that favors Seattle is run by lunatics.  I’ll go into further detail in the Super Bowl piece, which is already on it’s way to being fantastic so you’re going to definitely want to check that one out.

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  • Three of the four interceptions were directly Jermaine Kearse’s — ya, the guy who caught the game winning TD — fault. Kearse wasn’t responsible for the first interceptions, but he was responsible for the final three; he was out of position in the end zone on the second, outright failed to do anything right on the third, and then couldn’t pull it in on the fourth.

    Only one of the interceptions was the result of a bad pass, and that was the first one.

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