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7 Questions with Greg Rounding of Crimson Shadows

by Ryan Meehan

In the frozen reaches of Canada, where the mountains meet the sea; a band of young men locked in steadfast tenacity have assembled to live out their worldly dreams. The dawn of 2014 has seen Crimson Shadows borne to international praise and repute by their unwavering delivery of boundary-crushing and genre-defying modern death and power metal. Combining the fiercest elements of power and death metal with crushing guttural vocals, three-part vocal harmonies, seraphic guitar-work, formidable bass and miles of breakneck drumming; Crimson Shadows have unveiled a new breed of extreme metal both ironclad and spellbinding, leaving Crimson Shadows sights set for the stratosphere! Having appeared at the world stage of Wacken Open Air in Germany mid-2013, the band triumphantly laid claim to the title of International Wacken Battle Champions. After touring their native Canada coast to coast, Crimson Shadows are ready to take the world by the throat and deliver their brand of heroic metal that only the ice-clad lands of Canada can forge.  Guitarist Greg Rounding our guest today in 7 questions.
RM: What’s the origin of your band name? In what ways do you feel that the name of the band is an accurate representation of the metal that you crank out?

GR  : The band name for us really just came from a couple of words or a phrase that sounded powerful. Once we agreed that Crimson was a very good starting point, we matched up shadows to it and it was settled. The name basically means nothing but to us it represents an epic speed filled heavy metal band that we are.

RM: The new record “Kings among Men” is your third offering in three years, the last being an EP (“Sails of Destiny”) in 2013…What did you aim to do differently on this recording as opposed to that EP and the material that was on “Glory on The Battlefield”? Were there any major changes in the approach to your production on the new album?

GR: The changes in the approach of the new album were to be more in your face with our song writing. The songs are also a bit shorter but still possess the Iron Maiden like melodies and fast solos, which are a huge part of our sound. We are constantly evolving as we write new material and the new album represents where we want to be right now.

RM: Which song on the record was your favorite to track in the studio? Which cuts have been the most fun to perform live so far?

GR: “A Gathering Of Kings” was a favourite in the studio. We pushed the boundaries of our musical skills, especially on the high harmony vocals of the chorus, as well as the guitar solos. To play this song live has been challenging, yet rewarding because of its difficulty. Braving The Storm and Heroes Among us have also been enjoyable to play live and have had a great crowd response.

RM: What is most important thing that you have learned about your songwriting process as a band over the past seven years?

GR: Over the years, we have tried every song writing procedure, from jamming a song out, to individually piecing a song together. With any of these processes, the most important thing is patience for us. We have never found it productive to rush through writing a song. Patience allows for the right parts to be put together and time to actually sit back and listen to what is going on, it is the key to our success in writing.

RM: You guys are big fans of beer so I have to ask…What’s everybody’s favorite lager or ale; and does anybody have any great stories from a night with those particular beverages?

GR:  Favorites: Cory – Abbot Ale, London Pride

Jimi – Guiness

Ryan – Paulaner Munich Lager

Morgan – Southern Tier Compass

Greg – Molson Canadian, or any good Lager

There are plenty of stories about nights with those beverages but they must be kept secret. The nights do usually end up with a sing along to some catchy tune though!

RM: What was it like to perform at Wacken? Are the backstage areas of that concert pretty crazy as far as stomping grounds?

GR: Wacken was an insane experience for us. It was the first time we had played for thousands of people, and to have a fantastic response after every song made us feel on top of the world. Backstage at Wacken is everything you would expect it to be, with anything you would ever need. Anything. But that is all I can say about that, haha. The crew and staff were the most impressive bunch we have every worked with, without them the festival would fail.

RM: In what ways has extreme metal changed since you guys have been in the game? How do you think the many genres within that group will continue to evolve over the next decade?

GR: Extreme metal has changed in a lot of ways since we have started, most notably in the new genres of metal. It seems to me that there is a new sub-genre of metal every day, but I like to look at metal as all the same. Different genres might not sound alike but it is all about the evolution of sound, and music would die without it. When we began, we took influence from new bands at that time and we are doing the same now. As long as there are new bands casting influence onto others, metal will stay alive.

RM: What’s up next for you in the remainder of 2014 and beyond? Anything big in the works that we should know about?

GR: For the rest of 2014, we will be working on new material and will have some big announcements about upcoming shows, promotions and tours. Thanks to all of our fans for their support!

Official Website: http://crimsonshadowsmetal.com/

Crimson Shadows on Facebook: http://facebook.com/crimsonshadowsband

Crimson Shadows on Twitter: http://twitter.com/_crimsonshadows

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