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7 Questions with Toschie of Audrey Horne

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by Ryan Meehan

Norway’s Audrey Horne takes its name from Sherilyn Fenn’s character in the TV series “Twin Peaks”.   Although some of the band’s members play or have previously played in black metal bands, Audrey Horne’s music can be described as heavy and melodic hard rock, similar to bands like Faith No More, Alice in Chains and A Perfect Circle.  The new record is called “Pure Heavy”, and lead Vocalist Toshcie is our guest today in 7 questions.

RM: Listening to Audrey Horne, I can definitely tell that you (like many other metal musicians) are heavily influenced by Black Sabbath…What is you favorite Sabbath song; and which record had the most significant influence on you as a singer and songwriter?

T: My favourite song is “Symptom of the Universe” from Sabotage. It was the first record I ever heard by Black Sabbath and it still is my favourite record from them.

RM: You guys seem to toe the line between classic rock and metal, and some people refer to it as a “retro” or “stoner” sound. Do you think that the way your band is classified depends a lot on which particular song or album of yours a journalist hears? And do you even care about any of those classifications?

T: No, we do not pay much attention to how people label us, although the stoner classification is one I do not get. But I guess the labeling will be different if someone listened to No Hay Banda than if they put on Pure Heavy. We have changed quite a lot since then in many ways, but it has been 10 years, and we have developed both as band and as people, so anything else would seem strange. Back then we were labeled as alternative hard rock, or post grunge. These days we are labeled as classic rock, so both we and the classification has changed.

RM: You’re from Norway, which is known for its rich history of Black Metal such as Emperor and Mayhem…Do you find yourselves playing a lot of shows in your home country where you don’t necessarily fit in with a lot of the more extreme metal bands that are on the bill?

T: No, we hardly ever play on bills with only extreme metal bands. In the beginning we did, but that saws more because of the other/previous bands that some are/were in, so the easiest way to get gigs was to use these channels. These days we are a band in our own right and have no problem getting on bills that has music and bands that are more or less in the same category as us. Even though some extreme metal fans like our music, this is not where we should be exposing our music.

RM: How does the material on the “Pure Heavy” differ from the tracks that appear on “Youngblood”? What did you set out to do differently on this album?

T: I would honestly have to say that it is “same, same but different”. It has a lot of the same vibes, and it was written and recorded in the same way, and we worked with some of the same people (Sir Duperman and The Sun King co produced it). We write everything together as a five piece, and we track all songs “live”, meaning that we do it live as a band, and then go in and fix fuck ups and do overdubs. The only real difference on Pure Heavy is that we produced it a bit more. Youngblood was more or less the sound of a band playing with as few overdubs as possible. This time we wanted to use the benefits that a recording studio has to offer. Meaning we did more overdubs, sampled stuff and finished one song before we started on the next one. In this way we got a more unique sound to each song, as opposed to Youngblood where we aimed for the same sound on the whole album.

RM: What’s the biggest difference between the band that you were ten years ago when “No Hay Banda” came out and the band you are today?

T: we are better, more relaxed and enjoy what we do a whole lot more. That is the main difference.  Sound wise goes without saying I think.

RM: You shot a video for “Out of the City”…one of the singles on the new record. What’s your take on the whole video making process? How many times did it take hearing the playback before you got sick of the song?

T: It is something that has to be done, and I have been involved in videos that are fun to make, and those who are, let’s be honest, really boring. This one was a walk in the park, as we used puppets as the band, so we actually didn’t have to be there at all. It was shot in Berlin, and it stars us, as puppets, and Johan of Amon Amarth (who is a good friends of ours, and happily helped out), and his wife Maria (who has been a fan of our music since our first album). We are truly happy with the way it turned out.

RM: How many people do you think see the name of the band, and unaware of its origin expect to see a female lead singer walk onstage? Is this something that ever happened when you were in Sylvia Wane?

T: I guess every now and then there is someone who does this. It happened to me in Sylvia Wane, he came up and was pretty pissed, because we had a pin up lady on the poster, and I guess he liked what he saw and so a bunch of dudes was a big letdown for him. Can’t really recall whether it happened with Audrey Horne in our early days. These days people know not to expect tits and ass when we do a show.

RM: I read in an April 2013 interview where you said that “Music, and everything else we are exposed to these days, is being perfected to an unnatural point, and I think as humans we are not perfect and, therefore, we relate to things that are not flawless.” When you’re in the studio working on a new record, are there times that you have to remind yourself that and pull back from making tracks that could be considered too technical for the music you’re trying to produce?

T: I do not think this relates to technical parts of the music, as long as we can play it, so can others. We are not perfect either…by far. This is more when you start to “photoshop” music so that it is perfect beyond what is human possible.

RM: What’s up next for you guys in the remainder of 2014 and beyond? Anything big in the works that we should know about?

T: We are touring as much as possible in Europe, and hopefully we will get the chance to do the same in the USA. We are probably recording a live dvd, and we will off course write more songs for future releases.

Official Website: http://www.audreyhornemusic.com/

Audrey Horne on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AudreyHorneOfficial

Audrey Horne on Twitter: https://twitter.com/audreyhorneNO

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