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7 Questions with Nore Davis

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by Ryan Meehan

Nore Davis – the young refreshing face of comedy – delivers an energetic performance filled with witty quips and sharp punch lines, combined with an amazing stage presence. Edgy and clean, Nore tells it like it is, speaking to audiences everywhere. Davis is a comedian for the masses, relating to everyone from teens to the mature adult, delivering original content, and leaving no topic unturned. From relationships to family, race, and politics, Nore brings a comedic talent that has been refined in front of countless audiences on the world’s biggest stages. His most recent credits include Boardwalk Empire on HBO, Inside Amy Schumer and The Ruckus on Comedy Central, Nickmom’s Night Out and Gotham Comedy Live on AXS TV. Davis was one of the Fresh Faces at Just For Laughs Montreal 2014, and we are pleased to have him as our guest today in 7 questions.

RM: What was the first joke you ever wrote, and what was it about the joke writing process that intrigued you to keep going? Was it mostly the reaction that you got from people after you told the joke that kept you motivated, or did you fall in love with the writing process right away?

ND: Hard to remember but my first joke I ever wrote, had to be about high gas prices. Yes, it was! The joke went, “I don’t blame the government for high gas problems, I blame whoever changes the sign at night!” then I talked about how the gas attendant would carpet ride up to change the sign like Aladdin. Pretty racist, but it worked. My writing does come from a place of annoyance, frustration & anger. Those emotions fuel me and I’m lucky it comes out funny…from time to time. My cousin also said, the more anger I get the more funny I become, like if Bruce Banner got anger and turned into Chris Rock instead of the HULK!

RM: What topics do you try to avoid discussing onstage in order to prevent yourself from alienating an audience?

ND: I’ll discuss any topic, only if I have a personal experience, strong premise, punch line and delivery about it. Don’t believe in talking about a topic JUST for shock value.

RM: I noticed that you’ve appeared on “Gotham”, which is one of the greatest programs on television when it comes to watching live standup…What is it about that room that makes it so great for comedy; and how are they able to get that energy to translate through the screen so the viewer at home feels a majority of what’s going on in that room?

ND: That room is magical. Well, any room is magical when it’s filled with energetic people that trust you. I love taking the audience on a journey. When they allow me to do that? Then it’s ‘ALL ABOARD’ for the audience and the viewer also.

RM: Do you ever think of yourself as a “black comic”? What percentage of your material could be considered racial humor?

ND: No. I consider myself a “comedian”. Rock, Chappelle, O’Neal and other African American greats paved the way in stand-up for young black comics like myself to NOT have to state or warn the audience “I’m black” before I start my act. Comedy club audiences are very progressive and smart. I never underestimate them. TV audiences? not so much but I digress.

RM: What was the best part of the whole Just For Laughs Montreal experience? Do you think it’s difficult to stand out at a festival like that where there are so many comedians present, even when you are one of the Fresh Faces?

ND: The whole festival was the best part. I describe the JFL as Six Flags Comedy Great Adventures! Every show was like a ride that you can’t wait to experience and I had a FLASH PASS!! Such a thrilling experience.

It was more difficult for my confidence. It’s hard to feel funny when Bill Burr, George Wallace & the whole cast of Brooklyn Nine Nine are chillin in your hotel lobby! *wipes forehead full of sweat* But nonetheless, I was there for a reason. I was selected to perform my style of comedy and that’s an honor within itself. So I flushed the toilet full of my throw-up, wiped my mouth, went out there and tried to have the best set of my life.

RM: Back on July 27th, you posted to Facebook “Comedy is fan-fucking-tastic. That is all!” Do you ever have days on the road where you feel the exact opposite? In other words, do you have sort of a love/hate relationship with comedy, or do you for the most part feel that it’s pretty consistent?

ND: OH GOD, YES!!! Comedy and I play a love/hate tug of war most of the time but I live by a self-made motto that keeps me grounded and focused. “The highs in my career make the lows worth it!” So there could be a month or two with low moments such as bombing, frustration with a joke, the business, etc then BOOM! One great set or good news will make you want to kiss comedy face-off.

RM: What is the most bizarre thing that’s ever happened to you while on stage? Looking back on the incident, would you have handled it differently?

ND: Most bizarre thing that happened to me was at Crackers in Allentown, Pa. A drunk heckler rushed the stage while I was performing screaming “My phone! My phone! Give me, my phone” I can’t make out what his saying or what’s going on. Felt like I was trying to understand a toddler. So I’m like Sir, what’s wrong with you? He reply “Your funny but you have my phone!” I start to get scared cause I don’t know what’s going on and my cousin is in the back who is 6’2”, 220lbs and about to knock this guys out in my defense. So I scream, Sir, I don’t know what you want, I’m the only black person performing in a club called Crackers and I don’t know anybody here!!!” The owner of the club was holding my cousin back the whole time saying “No. Calm down. Nore will work it out” and I’m on stage thinking “Please my cousin handle this!!!” The crowd erupts with laughter. Then the drunk toddler man points to the stool and behold, his cell phone was under the stage stool. I gave it to him, he sat down and didn’t hear a word from him after that. Weird. He was like a big baby finally getting some milk. Then I just continued my act and had a good set. After the show, his friends were laughing because I didn’t know this but before the show they planted his cell under the stool as a prank. My cousin and I were upset at this but we didn’t want any more trouble from the big drunk baby and his friends. Again man, the highs in my career make this LOW worth it.

RM: What’s up next for you in the remainder of 2014 and beyond? Anything big in the works that we should know about?

ND: Look out for my first debut comedy album with Rooftop Comedy coming out Fall 2014. I’m recording it at the Comic Strip Live Aug 23 & 23rd. I just shot an hour special with New Wave Entertainment that will air on BounceTV in 2015.

Official Website: http://www.noredavis.com/

Nore on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nore-Davis/57573973959

Nore on Twitter: https://twitter.com/noredavis

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