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Ex Hex – Hot and Cold 7″ (2014) – Review

By Cal Meacham

New Merge records signees Ex Hex bring their own brand of generic pop rock on their debut 7″.  This is music that should be made by late teen early twenties bands but here it is made by a woman in her 40’s and it doesn’t sound quite right.  In the same way that the charm wore off with the later Weezer albums, it is hard to be excited about flaccid riffs with equally lackluster vocals.

The songs aren’t completely devoid of interest, as the lead guitar part on Hot and Cold with its bent guitar string twang, spices up the otherwise boring song.  The best track Everywhere could even use a bit of a caffeine boost, as it lulls itself to sleep during the verses but the hook is definitely there.  My problem with the pop punk revival is that there is very little differentiation between all of the groups.  If you were to play this record along side one from La Sera, could I tell you the difference?   Probably not, but you will still hear it blaring out of the speakers at your local hipster bar, that much is a guarantee.

All attempts are made at catchy tunes, with repetition of title line phrases and ooo’s and ahh’s harmonies but none of it can save the sophomoric writing that is plastered all over these songs.  Three songs of constant shrugging but  I guess if they every bring back The Gilmore Girls, Lane Kim will have another band to fawn over.

Score – 4.0/10

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