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ESPN Update – Yup, they still love manufacturing a story

espn - ESPN Update – Yup, they still love manufacturing a story

Our readers know that the FOH staff have a common disdain for ESPN and the joke of a network that they have become.  But on the flip side their website is still the easiest place to get caught up on the scores of your favorite teams.

This morning I was greeted with this double gem of a side bar:

Within the top two stories is a clear Manufactured store/contorversy that ESPN is trying to generate so that they can write 10 articles and talk about it on every worthless show that they have in the afternoon, featuring some loudmouth know-it-all.  Does anyone care who Mariano Rivera would pick for his fantasy wiffle ball team?   Or what toppings he might put on his pizza?   Nope, but you can count on ESPN to turn this in to “big news”, that is for sure.

Secondly I leave you with this gem of an oversight:  “Escobar’s HR in 10th ends 0-0 tie vs. Twins.”  So let me get this straight.  The Twins lost?  I thought Eduardo Escobar played for the Twins……Maybe the Indians where a man short so they borrow Escobar for an inning…………..I am so confused.  I’ll leave it to our resident Cleveland Indians expert Coach Ryan to clear this up.


  • You see what happened was Escobar was picked by Mariano Rivera’s Fantasy Team and his walkoff gave them the win against the Twins who happens to be Mel Kiper’s Fantasy team.

    In reality Mel Kiper has been really busy predicting the complete opposite of what will happen in the NFL Draft or else he probably would have beat Rivera’s team.

  • It’s whoever’s writing the headlines. The headlines are just awful. It’s like a six year old wrote them while sleepwalking. Diarrhea of the Mouth, Black Hole of the Heart, and Dumpster Juice smelling Credibility Level to boot.

    But at the same time, I guess now we know why they are so desperate to jump on something like the Donald Sterling case.


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