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7 Questions with Cameron Esposito

000ce000 - 7 Questions with Cameron Esposito

By Ryan Meehan

Named a top Comedy Act to Watch in 2013 by LA Weekly, Cameron Esposito has appeared at clubs and festivals across the country, including TBS’ Just for Laughs Chicago, SXSW, the Aspen Rooftop and Bridgetown Comedy Festivals. Cameron’s network television debut on Late Late with Craig Ferguson garnered a lot of attention and was called “the most memorable first time on a late night show for any comedian in recent history.” by Splitsider. Cameron is also a recurring panelist on Chelsea Lately, the brains and voice behind revolutionary all standup podcast Put Your Hands Together and the host/creator of action/Sci-Fi movie podcast Wham Bam Pow.  We are proud to welcome Cameron Esposito as our guest today in 7 questions.

RM: You’ve had quite the lineup of guests on your podcast…Which episode was your favorite and why? Who is the one guest that you’d love to have on the show; and how do you plan on making that happen?

CE: Wait a minute! You said 7 questions and there are 3 right here in this one question. You old sly fox! I shall answer one: who would I like to have…really, I have the most fun watching my friends perform – other comics I am close with and people I consider peers, but if I had to dream, I’d like Roseanne Barr to do the show. Roseanne was an amazing, groundbreaking show. It still holds up. She does occasionally do local LA shows and I’d just love to see her/introduce her on a show. She and I tweeted back and forth about it once and I almost got her! Here’s hoping for the future…

RM: Have you ever received any feedback that you work off of your sexual orientation too much? (Not personally implying that you do at all) How much of your act would you say is based off of that aspect of your personal life?

CE: Hmmm…I don’t see my sexual orientation an aspect of my personal life. It’s the whole way I see the world. It’s in every interaction I have – just like for straight folks – that’s the whole reason for the orientation being in there – it’s the way I am oriented to the world.

RM: I read on one of your blogs for The Advocate that you get “crazy with rage” at the idea of seeing straight men being turned on by lesbians…What is it about their interest in the subject that upsets you so much? Is it more than just the fact that they are objectifying a part of culture that isn’t intended for their entertainment?

CE: It’s more not being able to escape the male gaze. I love men. I interact with men. I am friends with men. But I don’t need or want male sexual attention and it’s frustrating to not be able to get away from it.

RM: What was the first thing that crossed your mind when you were on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and he and Leno began interacting with you during your set?

CE: Nothing went through my mind. I was completely the moment, just at a show, just reacting. God I loved that.

RM: You are a recurring panelist on Chelsea Handler’s nightly show…What do you think is the reason for the increased success of the panel format over the past few years? What is the best part of working on “Chelsea Lately”?

CE: It’s a great way of using comics to their full potential – as joke writers and performers – while still keeping the commitment expecting from comics to a reasonable, sustainable level.

RM: As someone who knows nothing about either the action or sci-fi genres of television and film, how would you sell me on the idea of checking out “Wham Bam Pow”?

CE: Low brow fodder/highbrow comedy and commentary – what’s better than that! And it’s great it you don’t know anything about the genre – we aren’t experts; we’re fans. We know a lot about movies with cool punching in ‘em and we love movies with cool punching in ‘em, but the show is funny, not facty.

RM: You obviously spend a great deal of time writing not only material for your stand-up act, but also for several awesome online publications as well…When does a topic become “too deep” to discuss on stage when it comes to length?

CE: Oh, I don’t think there’s a specific length, more just like folks at a comedy show want this many laughs per minute about stuff they relate to and folks reading Internet columns will want a different joke/min ratio and a different tone and maybe more wordplay and such. It’s like two different muscles, both which are huge!

RM: What’s up next for you in the remainder of 2014 and beyond? Anything in the works that we should know about?   CE: New album coming out in October on cool hip indie music label Kill Rock Stars. You can see me record it May 30 in Portland, OR at Mississippi Studios! Thank you and good night!

Official Website:  http://cameronesposito.com/

Cameron on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/cameronesposito   Cameron on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/cameronjokes Once again thanks for visiting First Order Historians and enjoying more of the internet’s finest in user generated content. Meehan

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