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7 Questions with Richie August

richie - 7 Questions with Richie August

By Ryan Meehan

Starting with Dubstep in 2008, Richie’s first official release came in early 2009 on Betamorph Recordings. 2010 through spring 2013 he was the brains behind the “Hulk” group until leaving to further his solo career. He’s worked with such lables as, Play Me, Rottun, Sub Human, Ultragore Recordings, Multikill Recordings and released a full length album on July 4th 2013 titled “Finally Free”. Be on the lookout for Richie in 2014 as he is sure to have a slew of dubstep releases and some new trap tunes as well, and check him out as our guest today in 7 questions.

RM: How did you get into electronic dance music and what was the first experience you had as a DJ that really made you want to focus on that as your form of creative expression?

RA: So the exact moment that I first got into EDM was about ’97, I was in high school and was riding around with a buddy who was bumping a D&B mix tape. I was hooked from then on. The first time I DJ’d a rave party in Chicago, which  I believe was the first time I played for a crowd at all was the experience that made me want to do this full time.

RM: Do you think that a website like Soundcloud is more useful to a DJ than it would be to an artist of a different genre because of the way EDM is shared amongst other DJs?

RA: To some degree yes because of the strong link between EDM and social media. But Soundcloud for sure can be very useful to any type of musician.

RM: What’s the story behind the track “Girl, you Ain’t on shit”? What percentage of the stuff you’ve done over the last twelve months has been trap stuff?

RA: Well coming from Chicago I’ve always been into juke and have always sampled from it for dubstep and now some trap tunes also. I happened upon that song one day while looking for samples and it eventually became the song “You Ain’t On Shit”. Only a small percentage of my productions have been trap, and it’s kinda like a hybrid trap style I guess you could say. I’m still focusing more on dubstep at the moment.

RM: Speaking of trap, I was listening to some of your trap beats and I asked a friend of mine who’s really into EDM if I could be hearing a jungle influence in some of those cuts. He answered me my saying that that a lot of drum and bass DJs who are currently producing trap are leaning in that direction…Were you a fan of jungle in the late nineties when it was really popular?

RA: I was definitely a huge D&B and jungle fan way back then. In fact D&B is what got me into EDM in the first place. You’ll definitely hear some of that influence in a few of my songs.

RM: In your opinion, what’s the greatest dance track of all time and why does that cut resonate with you so much?

RA: “Bad Company – The Nine” Big D&B tune that came out probably around 98 I think. Huge huge tune, was in the beginning of my rave days. To me it was just a powerful tune, heavy but not too heavy. Definitely got the rewind almost every time it was dropped. The tune makes me think of an evil locomotive for some reason.

RM: Do you know anyone who still carries around crates of records as opposed to the current, more efficient laptop setup? How do you feel about the way technology has progressed when it comes to spinning records?

RA:  I really don’t know too many people who still play vinyl. Perhaps serato with vinyl but even that isn’t super common. Most clubs only have CDJ’s these days. I love technology and the way the CDJ has progressed, especially the use of usb drives now which is my preference. I have nothing bad to say about it, it makes sense the way things have progressed since the all vinyl days. I will say I have more respect for people who play on turntables or CDJ’s as opposed to say a goofy controller or playing on serato internal. I’ve seen it all to be honest.

RM: What elements (environmental and otherwise) make up a killer New Year’s Eve party? Do you have anything special in store for this year’s bash at Daisy Dooks?


RA: NYE in itself is just a crazy magical night, like you can feel that shit in the air. The main thing is a bunch of people together having a good ass time. I have a ton of new original music debut on NYE, I’m so pumped to play my new stuff as I’m comfortable now as a solo artist and loving it!

Get tickets here:  http://fbfnye.brownpapertickets.com/

RM: What’s up next for you in 2014? Anything big in the works that we should know about?

RA: I’ve got a big release coming out on GMB Records hopefully in January. Other than that I’m looking to continue pumping out these bangers, get some more releases out and get back on the road again.

Richie on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/richieaugust

Richie on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/richie.eurek

Richie on Twitter: https://twitter.com/richieaugust

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