FOH First Listen: Chris D’Elia – “White Male. Black Comic” – 12/10/13

whitemaleblack - FOH First Listen:  Chris D’Elia – “White Male. Black Comic” – 12/10/13

Comedian Chris D’Elia will release his new special on Comedy Central entitled “White Male, Black Comic” on Friday December 6th at midnight, with the audio CD available in stores the following Tuesday the 6th. For those of you not familiar with D’Elia’s work, he’s been hitting the clubs pretty hard for a while now and he is probably best known for his role as Whitney Cummings’ boyfriend on her NBC show.

This disc features a lot of good-time, going out for a night on the town type of stuff – That’s why it’s fitting that this was shot in New Orleans. Imagine the material as a darker version of Las Vegas, and you can understand why he selected that venue.

D’Elia moves through his stuff pretty quickly, really coming down of the initial high of the intro quite well. Shortly thereafter, he bags on something that is one of my pet-peeves – women who overuse the word “Random”. I don’t know what it is that allowed that word to be so inaccurately spread all over our vernacular, but it’s high time it hit the fucking road because it drives me up the goddamn wall. He then transitions into a discussion about the exponential powers of the female ovarian cycle, and then moves into a bit about homophobia which is a common topic amongst comedians.

The rest of the disc is pretty straight-forward – A woman in the crowd says something during his set and he has to put her in her place which is pretty solid. (“You’re going to go home and tell your friends that you made the show better…you didn’t…you tried to ruin the show, and I saved it, because I’m fuckin’ hilarious!!!”) Then he does some work about different stereotypes and how language is used by those different groups of people. He ends the record with a good closing bit about how going to church is creepy, and wraps it up.

The only thing that I don’t really get about his method of speaking and the delivery of the material on this CD is the fact that he does sound like he is trying to talk like he’s black sometimes, but here you can chalk that up to 1) The title of the CD; or 2) D’Elia’s love of hip-hop, as evidenced by the music selected. I suppose I don’t really know enough about his background to make the assumption that it’s either, so it is what it is. Plus, at the end he kind of mocks the whole “gangster-speak” thing so it’s possible he is mocking it the entire special and that’s supposed to be underlying social commentary.

The DVD Bonus features include Chris’ “Comedy Central Presents” special, as well as two of his clips from the CC show “Mash-Ups”. I found “White Male, Black Comic” to be more enjoyable the second time I watched it. Some of it comes off as being too “party animal” but that’s cool…D’Elia seems to be more of the guy who you’d want to see after a few rum and cokes, as opposed to being the guy who you’d want to see if you were the designated driver.

It’s more Jamie Kennedy than Bill Hicks, but that’s okay. It doesn’t have to be extremely thought provoking at every turn for it to be funny, and this disc is still funny. That being said, it isn’t “Frat Boy Humor” (or Fratire) by any means – they are still very well-written bits and D’Elia is extremely well rehearsed. So if that’s the type of live comedy you like, you’ probably really enjoy one of his shows. If he’s not coming to your area, go ahead and pick up the CD when it comes out next Tuesday or download it on iTunes, Xbox Video, Amazon Instant Video, Sony Entertainment Network, Vudu, and Vdio.

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