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By Ryan Meehan

Revelation marks Los Lonely Boys’ first recording work since Henry Garza sustained serious injuries in a fall from the stage during a February 2013 performance in Los Angeles, necessitating a lengthy and ongoing recovery period. “We nearly lost Henry, man, and that was a big change for us,” Jojo acknowledges. “The whole experience was a wake-up call for us. It made us rethink every aspect of our lives and our careers, and it reminded us of what’s really important to us.”  The abiding sense of family unity and creative rapport that allowed the band to weather such a potentially devastating event has been built into Los Lonely Boys from the beginning. Indeed, Henry, Jojo and Ringo have been making music together for their entire lives. Their father, Ringo Garza Sr., was a member of another sibling band, the Falcones, which played throughout southern Texas in the ’70s and ’80s. When that group disbanded, Ringo Sr. went solo, and recruited his three young sons to back him. The family relocated to Nashville in the ’90s, and soon Henry, Jojo and Ringo Jr. began writing and performing their own material as a trio.  After moving back to Texas, the brothers recorded their eponymous debut album in 2003 at Willie Nelson’s Pedernales studio in Austin, with Willie himself guesting on the sessions. Although originally released on small Or Music label, Epic Records picked up Los Lonely Boys for major-label distribution in early 2004. The album quickly won the band a large national audience. Its lead single “Heaven” became a Top 20 pop hit, reached the #1 spot on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart, and eventually won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal. “We want to create music that’s about the love and the energy and the spirit that we all carry as people.”  “We’re very thankful that God blessed our family with a drummer, a guitar player and a bass player, and that the three of us get to make music together,” Jojo concludes. “There’s been a few bumps in the road here and there, but that happens in any family and in any band. The main thing is that we stick together, and that we’re trying to pass on that feeling of brotherhood, of familia, in the music that we make.”  Henry Garza of Los Lonely Boys is our guest today in 7 questions. 

RM: First of all, how do you feel right now and how has the recovery process been for you since the fall? What was the hardest part of your physical recovery?

HG: I feel I’m in the good hands of The Lord Jesus Christ and ready to Texican Rock-N-Roll. The recovery process has been challenging but not an impossible feat with the good grace of God and a very spiritual and mental growing experience. The hardest part of my recovery was not being able to hug my wife and kids or my whole familia the way I wanted to, and of course not being able to play guitar. Oh yeah and the pain! (LOL)

RM: How long did it take after that for you to get back to the creative process?

HG: It’s taken me almost all year to feel strong and confident enough to be where I’m at today, but as far as being creative that never stops.

RM: The new record is called “Revelation”… What does the title mean to you and why did you choose it?

HG: First of all, it was revealed to me and my brothers and what it means to us is “songs revealed to us by God” because to us our songs are “Revelations”.

RM: You say that ” A lot of people write songs about superficial things, like how you look and what kind of car you drive and how much money you have, but we’re not interested in that” …why do you think that even something as pure as songwriting can be infiltrated with such materialism? Is it more about our culture, or more about an unhealthy and obsessive state of mind?

HG: It’s both really, Music/Songwriting is a way of life for us and it’s always better to eat, sleep, and breathe or to do things that are better for yourself and those around you. Music is no different, we try really hard to deliver a good message because it’s better for you. Just like good exercise and if you ask us, the world is always in need of shaping up.

RM: When “Heaven” really hit it seemed like it was on every radio station… What was the moment in which you knew that song was going to be a huge hit? Did its success catch you off guard at first?


HG: To me when it was written it was already a big hit because it was revealed to us by God. Now in a worldly since I saw and heard it was a big hit when other artists were performing and re-recording our song “Heaven” and with that said, we never expected that. The success of the song didn’t catch us off guard it only amazed us.

RM: Where do you think spirituality fits when it comes to what you want to create musically as a team of brothers?

HG: Spirituality for us fits at the top, because first you must have Faith the trust part comes later. Our motto is ” In Jesus name we play” that says it all.

RM: What are some of the conjunto artists that really inspired you growing up?  Who stood out to you as having a sound you can really draw from?

HG: Our dad and his brothers “Los Falcones” – to us he and they were our big conjunto inspiration and still are to this day.

RM: What’s up next for you and Los Lonely Boys in the remainder of 2013 and into 2014?  Anything big in the works that we should know about?

HG: Our new record is the big thing, but we have some cool shows coming up as well. Can’t go into detail just yet as the future is not certain, but if all goes well we will be bringing Texican Rock-N-Roll to a town near ya’ll!!  Just to be alive and trying, is a big thing to us.  And that’s the bottom line cause “Los Lonely Boys” said so!!!

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