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by Ryan Meehan

His comedy is like a stiff drink: it hits you fast and hard, and leaves you slightly disoriented. Comedian Andrew Schulz can be seen all over the MTV family of networks, as he stars in ”Girl Code” and “Guy Code”. He will be the host of 2 new shows coming out this year:  “The Hook Up” and MTV2′s “Jobs That Don’t Suck”. He also stars in the upcoming “Guy Code” spin off “Guy Court”, and he hosted the network’s 2012 European Movie Awards.  His other television appearances include: “Wild N’ Out”, “Failosophy”, MTV’s New Year’s Bash, “Hip Hop Squares”, “ The Week in Jams”, VH1′s “Big Morning Buzz”, and FOH favorite Fox News Channel’s “Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld”.  Andrew prides himself on the types of laughs he gets: “I don’t want you to laugh just because you think I’m clever, I want your laughter to surprise you, I want it to come from a real place. There are no tricks in my comedy. It’s just raw funny.”  With his unique brand of humor, Andrew has established himself as a fixture in New York’s comedy circuit. He regularly performs at The Comedy Cellar, Stand Up NY, The Comic Strip Live, Eastville Comedy Club, and Caroline’s.  Andrew Schulz is our guest today in 7 questions. 

RM:  How did you get into comedy and who were some of the comedians that you looked up to when you were first starting out?

AS: I was managing a restaurant while finishing college in Santa Barbara and they had a comedy night. I had always loved comedy, and they asked me if I wanted to try. I did, and after the first time on stage I knew that was what I wanted to do with my life. After my second time on stage, I questioned whether I made the right decision. I moved back to New York where I’m originally from a month later and hit the comedy scene hard.

The comedians I loved growing up were Chris Rock, Bernie Mac, Eddie Murphy, and Martin Lawrence. Once I started comedy I saw Patrice O’Neal, who I consider the best to ever do it.

RM:  Which club in New York are you most comfortable performing at and would consider to be your “home club”?  What’s so unique about that room that makes it so special to you?

AS: My home club is the Comedy Cellar. It’s where I perform the most when I’m in NY, but it’s not the place I feel most comfortable at. The pressure is high at the cellar. Everyone is doing their best set, so you have to come with it or you will drown.

I love performing at Stand Up NY. They get a nice mixture of tourists and New Yorkers. And EastVille comedy Club is one of my favorites. They were the first club to pass on me in New York, so it’s always going to be a special place because of that.

RM:  So back on Thursday the 3rd of October, you were on “Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld”…How did you think it went?

AS: I’ve done “Red Eye” before but Greg wasn’t there. Honestly I think that show is one of the funniest topical shows on TV. The writing is great and their chemistry is awesome – It’s a shame it’s on at 3AM. I consider myself a liberal but if I have to choose people to hang out with (if we’re not going to talk about politics) I’d much rather chill with conservatives. Über liberals are always trying to be PC. It’s fake. Conservatives don’t give a fuck… (laughs) It’s like you’re in a locker room after a football game when you’re with them.

RM:  Does giving Bill shit ever get old?  (It would seem to me that it wouldn’t…)

AS: Bill and I actually just met recently. I was told he was related to me but I didn’t want to be the distant relative trying to connect because he has a TV show. Fortunately I got on a few TV shows of my own and I was asked to come on “Red Eye”. I bumped into him at the Cellar once and we were like, “Hey, we’re related right?” He’s a good dude and funny as fuck. He’s got the best joke on Woody Allen’s son actually being Frank Sinatra’s that I’ve ever heard.

RM:  When it comes to standup, what topic do you think has been beaten into the ground?  What makes you feel that way about that topic?

AS: Every topic has been beaten to the ground!  It’s all about having a unique persona and perspective on things. Patrice O’Neal talked about men and women – That sounds like the hackiest topic ever but he was a genius about it. What I’m personally tired of is people abusing self deprecation. I love when someone is vulnerable on stage. It’s what I strive to be. But when someone makes fun of themselves just to get the laugh, it just rubs me the wrong way. Don’t get me wrong, I love anything genuine. If the joke is genuine and happens to be self deprecating, that’s fine. But if it’s written just to make fun of yourself so strangers accept you I think it’s hacky.

RM:  What’s your take on the upcoming NBA season?  Who is most likely to win it all, and why?

AS: The Knicks are going win it. That’s my take every year, as I can’t accept any other thinking. The season can’t start soon enough. If I see another baseball highlight on ESPN I’m gonna Kurt Cobain myself.

RM:  Let’s talk about your work on MTV’s “GuyCode” for a second…What is it about that program that you think draws dudes towards it who otherwise probably wouldn’t watch a show like that?

AS: Honestly, the show is a beast! From a structure standpoint, so much goes into it that people don’t even know. Each topic is a story that has an arc – The entire episode has an arc. It’s structurally flawless. I have nothing to do with the structure part of it, by the way…I just go in there and yap about shit.  Besides that there was a need for masculinity on TV. Men are forgotten – no one cares about us. No one cares about teaching us how to be men. Young kids watch it for advice because they aren’t getting it anywhere else. We give the advice in funny ways because we are comedians and that’s how we express our opinions. It’s awesome, man…People really personalize the show because it means something to them. It’s dope.

RM:  What’s up next for Andrew Schulz in the remainder of 2013 and into 2014?  Anything big in the works that we should know about?

AS: This is a big year for me. My new dating show on MTV comes out October 14th at 6pm. It’s called “The Hook Up”. It’s gonna be hilarious. The premise is finding out who someone really is before you date them. We go into their social media profiles and dig up all the dirt we can. They share some personal secrets. And I make fun of them for all of it! Nov 6 “Guy Court” comes out. That show is going to be INSANE. Funniest show on TV, watch! It’s a real court show based on “Guy Code” and people breaking the code. Real clients.  I’m a lawyer, and Donnell Rawlings is the judge. In January, my MTV2 show “Jobs That Don’t Suck” comes out. That’s gonna be hilarious. It’s like “Dirty Jobs” but for people with incredible jobs. We profile them and make fun of them. It’s gonna be awesome. We got “Girl Code” coming back for Season 2 and “Guy Code” coming back for season 4. It’s gonna be a crazy year.  Plus I’m touring like crazy, so make sure you guys come out and see my live show already!!!!\

Official Website:  http://theandrewschulz.com/

Andrew on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TheAndrewSchulz

Andrew on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/andrewschulz

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