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by Ryan Meehan

For almost three decades, Gwar has been destroying eardrums with their over the top heavy metal anthems.  Their live show is something that has to be seen in order to be believed, and is hardly for the faint of heart or anyone who does not have a sick sense of humor.  The new record “Battle Maximus” comes out on September 17th on Metal Blade Records, and will prove to be yet another chapter in their bizarre history of world domination.  At the helm of this madness is front man Oderus Urungus, and he’s our special interplanetary guest today in an extended version of 5 questions. 

RM:  You’ve been doing this for thirty years…In that period of time what have you seen change in the world of heavy metal around you, and how have you been to avoid yet trample so many of the bullshit trends that have come and gone?

OU:  We never gave a shit about any of the trends.  We never really cared about anything except for amusing ourselves.  Trends come, and trends go, and we are a trend unto ourselves.  Gwar doesn’t really fit in with anything, you can’t really call us hair metal, you can’t really call us anything other than Gwar.  So we just concerned ourselves with being Gwar, and everything seemed to work out perfectly.

RM:  What type of activities took place at the Gwar-B-Q that you guys held on August 17th?  On a scale of one to ten how much sodomy was involved?

OU:  There’s not a letter or a number high enough to rank the amount of sodomy that occurred at this year’s Gwar-B-Q.  It was truly amazing, and there was all kinds of amazing activities that took place – From the tremendous amount of metal bands that played, to all the flesh that was cooked, all the beer that was drank, all the shits that were taken in the woods, of course there was the Spew Olympics, the meet and greet with Gwar, the reunion of the Ex-Cops – It had to be the most awesomest Gwar-B-Q so far. Honestly I can’t see us doing any better than that, unless of course we do it again next year, which I’m sure we will.

RM:  GWAR always seems to play a lot of shows in America, but it must be difficult for you to adjust to the fact that the laws regarding public sex are much more severe than they are in Antarctica.  How do you and the rest of the band cope with such a culture shock?

OU:  Well, they can’t really stop us.  We basically carry our own laws with us.  What is the National Guard going to come out and put a lockdown on ME?  I don’t think so.  Gwar will go to your country and we will bring our sexual laws with us, and we will do our sexual things with you in all kinds of horrible ways.  No cop is going to try and arrest my penis.  I mean, they tried that already and it didn’t work because it just grew back.

RM:  What can you tell us about the new record “Battle Maximus”?  How do you manage to make every new GWAR album better than the previous one?

OU:  I really don’t fucking know.  I guess just practice.  A lot of bands put out one good record and then for some reason they put out a bunch of shitty ones.  So I guess it’s just the practice of making album after album, also being SOOOO damn talented. They just keep getting better and better.  Even with the passing of Flattus Maximus, we replaced him with the amazing Pustulus Maximus.  Of course, it certainly doesn’t hurt when you look this good.  When you’re as hot as we are, it’s going to help the music as well.

RM:  If you were given the opportunity to eat any celebrity, who would you eat and why?

OU:  It would have to be somebody who’s really fat, so I could get a lot out of them.  Paula Deen – that big white lady that says nasty things about people.  Yeah, she looks like she’s pretty fat.  I could probably just eat her face for at least a week or so.

RM:  Now that the Gwar-B-Q is over….other than the album release…what’s up next for you guys in the remainder of 2013?  Anything else going on that we should know about?

OU:  There will be nothing but touring, touring, and more touring.  The record comes out on September 17th, and after that BOOM! We’re just out on the road forever.  Touring the United States throughout the end of the year, then we’ll be headed to Australia in the first part of next year, and then Europe in the spring.  And that’s about a year down the road, so it looks like we’re going to be pretty busy.

Gwar Official Website:  http://www.gwar.net/

Gwar on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/GWARofficial

Oderus on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/TheRealOderus

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