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Photo by Toni Salminen

by Ryan Meehan

Finnish metal band Impaled Nazarene has been torching the ears of heavy music fans for over two decades.  At the forefront of this audio assault has been outspoken lead singer Sluti666, who is also the band’s chief songwriter.  They now have a double live DVD, simply entitled “1990-2012” which was released last September.  Sluti666 has been delivering some of the more brutal vocal stylings in all of metal during his tenure with the band, and we are very honored to have him as our guest today in 5 Questions.

RM:  The double Disc live DVD has been out for about eight months now…What type of response have you received to that release so far?  Do you think it accurately represents the way that the band has continued to be able to deliver live for over two decades?

Sluti666: Nobody has complained as far as I know. We wanted to give people a bit different kind of live DVD. Two full shows, pro shot. Chose carefully setlists. We sell it at our concerts for laughable 10€ which is fucking nothing. I think it does give you really a perspective on “playing live” because on the second disc, the show from Steelfest, the beginning of the first song is totally fucked up. I know that 99.9% of bands would have either cut it out or edited it or rerecorded it. This is 100% Impaled Nazarene live. The only thing we did was we had to cut out three songs from disk one. There was some really horrible audio channel shit happening on “Motorpenis”, “Tentacles Of The Octagon” and “Lost Art Of Goat Sacrificing”. We were really like “What the fuck we should do?” Time went on and we got booked to Steelfest. It turned out they are filming the show with multiple cameras. We were like, ok, we fucking nail those three songs there. Ended up using the whole show. Instead of just one show, you get two for cheap price.

RM:  One of my favorite Impaled Nazarene songs has to be “I am the Killer of Trolls”… What was the inspiration behind the lyrics on that track?

Sluti666: This one is mine, both lyrics and music. Back then, was it fucking 1996 if I remember right, the whole Nordic black metal invasion was full on. Suddenly there started to be bands that were singing about trolls and goblins and fucking blaa blaa forest weather forecast shit. I was seriously waiting for some band to come up with Disney movie inspired lyrics “Dark woods, Cinderella walks, Hail Troll that sucks my cock”. In other words, I was not impressed. So, we had the opportunity to make special track for World Domination II compilation that our label Osmose was putting out. At the same time, I read our Latex Cult (our 4th album) review in UK`s Metal Hammer magazine where they were saying our song “1999: Karmageddon Warriors” sounds like Metallica´s “The Four Horsemen”. I was like WTF? So I basically took the opening riff of Motorbreath and timed it differently. That is the chorus of “I Am The Killer Of Trolls”. It is one of the best songs I have ever composed!

RM:  You use a lot of gun-related imagery in the way you present yourself – (i.e. the old website design, the cheerleaders in the video from “Armageddon Death Squad” with assault rifles)  Is the debate over guns and whether or not we should be able to carry them as popular for the media to discuss in your home country of Finland as it is here in the United States?

Sluti666: We have had our share of school shootings. And as you can imagine in a small country like ours…It is downright pathetic. People belong to hunting clubs here. They shoot moose and deers and rabbits. Most guns are shotguns for hunting purposes. If you want to own a handgun here, forget it. They are trying to pass a law (not quite sure if this has already been done) here that all handguns must be kept at shooting clubs locked closets. If you wanna practice target shooting or whatever, you have to have zillions of papers from police, shrinks, officials. This is very anti-gun country, politician wise.

But it is just not that. I seriously wish we had the gun laws of United States and the law system. I give you a couple of examples how our “socially aware” justice system works. Case one: A dude is sleeping in his house when he hears a burglar entering in. He goes downstairs and attacks the guy. The burglar shoots pepper gas on the guy so the owner of the house is blinded. In a total panic the owner takes a kitchen knife (blinded I remind you) and manages to stab the burglar non-lethally. Sentence? The Burglar gets 5 months suspended sentence while the owner of the house gets, fucking get this, he goes to jail for one and a half year PLUS he has to pay the burglar over 2000€ for damages. In other words, protect your own property = you go to jail.

Case two: Three Romanian gypsies rape a Finnish woman really brutally in the park in the center of Helsinki. One of them is caught. Because that scum has a PREVIOUS SENTENCE, our court system decides to LOWER the sentence. Instead of getting 6 years for a brutal rape, they lower that rapists sentence because he has previous sentences for violence, burglary you name it. Show me a country (apart from Sweden and Norway) where you actually get less jail time when you have committed previous crimes.

Our country is a fucking joke. And it is getting worse year by year. We are sinking so fast it is unreal.

RM:  Since you’re the only remaining original member of the band, you’ve seen the changes that have transpired in Impaled Nazarene throughout its entire existence.  How do you think that musically the band has evolved over that time period?

Sluti666: I don´t think shit like this simply because I do not care about evolving. Sure it is different than in the beginning but you must remember there are different composers than in 1990. For me music is either good or shit. It is that simple. We have done good albums and we have done albums that I cannot fucking listen at all. People tend to forget one thing: like us, we were like 18-19 when we started and didn´t really know shit how to play. We just wanted to make music like Sodom, Venom etc. Then you tour, get older, become better player. As much as some people want, there will be no second Ugra-Karma. It is just impossible to get that same spirit. And I don´t see the point anyway doing that.  Things have changed, studio technology has changed. At the same time, yes I understand why people prefer old stuff. I rather listen to “Reign In Blood” than their latest. Yet I still buy every fucking Slayer album. Because I am a fan and I support the band.

RM:  What impact or legacy do you think Impaled Nazarene will leave the black metal community with when it’s all said and done?

Sluti666: For black metal community, absolutely zero. For metal community, that small underdog band that somehow managed to get international attention and tour the world without any support.

RM:  What’s next for Impaled Nazarene in the twelve months that follow?  Will you be touring this summer?  Anything else in the works that we should know about?

Sluti666: August-September some good festivals and places we haven´t been for years like UK. October or the beginning of November, we will hit the studio to record our new album. World premiere: Our new album is called VIGOROUS AND LIBERATING DEATH. Will be out (again) on Osmose Productions, most likely in February 2014. Some of the song titles to appear are Cholera Utopia, Riskiarvio (translates Risk Assessment), Sananvapaus (translates Freedom Of Speech), Vigorous And Liberating Death and so on. We have been busy writing since last October or so, around 9 songs ready and more to come.

Official Website:  http://www.campnazarene.com/

Impaled Nazarene on Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/ImpaledNazareneOfficial

Impaled Nazarene on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/campnazarene

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