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By Ryan Meehan

The Black Dahlia Murder’s new album, “Everblack,” has debuted at #32 on the Billboard Top 200.  The album also landed at #3 on the Billboard Current Hard Music Albums chart (behind Black Sabbath and Queens of the Stone Age). Additional chart debuts include #3 on the Billboard Hard Music Albums, #9 on the Billboard Independent Albums, and #30 on the Hits Albums Chart. Additionally, the album peaked at #15 on the iTunes album chart, and #2 on the iTunes Metal chart, second only to living legends Black Sabbath. Internationally, “Everblack” posted debuts on the Canadians charts at #8 on the Hard Music Chart, #30 on the Top Albums chart, and boasted day of release chart peaks on iTunes at #20 on the overall albums chart, #4 on rock, and #2 on the metal chart. In the UK, the album debuted at #25 on the rock and metal albums chart, and #45 on the independent albums chart. In Germany, Everblack heralds the band’s first ever debut on the German Album Charts Top 100 at #91, as well as earning the band debuts on the German Media Market Top 100 Album Charts at #59, and the Weekend trend charts for Media Control Top 100 at #58.  We are extremely fortunate to have guitarist Ryan Knight as our guest today in 5 Questions. 

RM:  The Black Dahlia Murder just hit the road with the Warped Tour, where you’ll be playing on the Monster Energy Drink Stage…How have the first couple dates of the tour gone so far and how have the crowds on the West Coast been responding to material off the new record?

RK: The first couple dates have been very good. The first day we had some technical problems, but problems like that can usually be expected on the first day. People seem to really like the new stuff we have been playing, although the album just came out pretty recently. I’d say as the shows go by, we will see more and more people familiar with the new songs.

RM:  Growing up who were your biggest influences as a guitar player?  Did you consider yourself to be a big fan of solo artists who were known as “shredders”?

RK: When I first started playing I was really into Jerry Cantrell, Adam Jones, dudes from the early 90’s, heavier rock bands at the time. Also, I always liked Randy Rhodes and Jake E Lee from Ozzy’s solo bands. Around 1999 I saw Eric Johnson play on Austin City limits and this really made me want to take my guitar playing to the next level. From 18 to about 24 I was pretty obsessed with the “shredder” type of guitar players such as Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Michael Romeo, Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore, Greg Howe, etc…all the shrapnel records guys. Nowadays I’m more into jazz, fusion, and country players like Jimmy Herring, Scott Henderson, Brent Mason, Robben Ford, Guthrie Trapp, Johhny A. the list goes on and on. I’d also like to mention I think Per Nilsson from Scar Symmetry is probably my favorite modern “metal guitar” player, although I think categorizing him is kinda hard.

RM:  You joined the band in 2009…how long did it take for you to feel really comfortable with the other guys in the group to the point where you felt that you were an official member?  What was the first show that you played and how did you feel it went when you walked off stage?

RK: I’ve always felt pretty comfortable being in the band, as most of us have similar interests musically. After doing a couple albums with the band, I’ve really started to feel like it is something of my own rather than just a gig. The first show I played with the band was a small bar in Iceland. It went pretty well despite some minor problems. But soon after, all was good.

RM:  Which track off of the new record do you hear in your head the most as you go about your day?  Why do you think that song seems to stick out in your mind?

RK: I wouldn’t really say that I have any one that sticks out into my head. Many of the songs on the albums have memorable anthems, so I find myself singing “Into the Everblack”, “Raped in hatred…”, or whatever other songs just seem to pop in my head at the time.

RM:  What subgenre (or subgenres) of metal would you say that The Black Dahlia Murder falls under?  Do you think classifications like that are really of any worth to you as a musician or that they are simply buzzwords for journalists and promoters?

RK: I think people like to classify everything. I guess classification makes things easier for people to label or something…I dunno really. I would say TBDM is a melodic death metal band if you ask me. We have other elements outside of melodic death metal in our sound, but overall I’d say we are the closest to melo-death.

RM:  What’s up next for you guys in the twelve months that follow?  Anything big in the works that we should know about?

RK: Tour, tour, and more tour. We will be doing a headlining tour in the states coming up in the fall I think, and after that I’m not really sure.

Artist profile on Metal Blade:  http://www.metalblade.com/bdm/

The Black Dahlia Murder on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/theblackdahliamurderofficial

The Black Dahlia Murder on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/bdmmetal

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