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Comedian Joe DeRosa

by Ryan Meehan

Writer, actor, and standup comedian Joe DeRosa has become a favorite on the comedy circuit. His brand of comedy mixing brutal honesty and frustration at the workings of the world has won over comedy fans, radio listeners, and TV audiences nationwide. In February 2013 Joe taped his second half hour special for Comedy Central, and in April he will record his third standup comedy album “You Will Die.” His first two standup albums, “The Depression Auction” and “Return of The Son of The Depression Auction,” were released on Comedy Central records in 2010 and 2011 respectively. DeRosa also created, wrote, and starred in Official Comedy’s 2013 web series We Should Break Up and The Warner Sound’s 2012 web series What Are We Waiting For? In 2011 he directed and, along with fellow comedians Bill Burr and Robert Kelly, co-wrote and starred in the short film CHEAT, which premiered at The Tribeca Film Festival that year. Simon and Schuster released a book based on the film, which was written by the three, in October 2012. DeRosa can currently be seen on History Channel’s I Love the 1880’s, and has appeared on HBO’s Bored To Death, FX’s Louie, IFC’s Z-Rock, E’s Chelsea Lately, and DirecTV’s The Artie Lange Show. He is a regular on Sirius XM’s The Opie and Anthony Show and Fox News’ “Red Eye” with Greg Gutfeld. He headlines comedy clubs and colleges across the country and has been featured at South By Southwest, The Montreal Comedy Festival, The Moontower Comedy Festival, The New York Comedy Festival, Bonnaroo, and The Great American Comedy Festival. We are honored to have Joe Derosa as our guest today in 5 Questions.

RM: What’s the biggest misconception that people outside of the entertainment industry have about being a standup comedian?

JD: That’s it’s not an actual job. People always say things like, “What else do you do?” or “God, your life is so easy.” Nobody ever says the accurate thing, which is right up the middle of those two statements: “I bet you make a decent, or at least fair, living by working hard at something you love.”

RM: You look very comfortable on “Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld”, what is it about that show that’s been able to develop such a cult fan base? Do you have any cool behind the scenes stories from that set?

JD: I think a show like “Red Eye” really stands out because of its casual and humorous tone and the fact that that tone gets to exist on Fox News. They stand out on the network as being “different” and different usually garners the cult following. As for the backstage stuff, we’re as mean to each other off camera as on.

RM: Could you tell us a little bit about “Cheat: The man’s guide to infidelity”, the book you wrote with Bill Burr and Robert Kelly? Is it more of a “How-to” book or a “How-not-to-do” book?

JD: I always thought of it as a “how not to do” book, written in the fashion of a “how to do” book. But at the end of the day, it was just meant to be funny. We wanted to make both men and women laugh at some of the unfortunate sexual truths about men.

RM: You’re half Arab and half Egyptian, so I feel sort of obligated to ask this: Do you have any jokes about hijacking the pyramids? How often do you talk about your upbringing on stage?

JD: I do not. And neither should you! Those are never funny. And I don’t mean they’re not funny in the politically correct sense, they’re just not funny. My new album is coming out in June and there’s a bit on there about what I don’t like about my heritage. Other than that, I haven’t discussed it much. It doesn’t really interest me.

RM: What city has the worst hecklers? Does it continue to surprise you how many people are willing to argue with someone who has a microphone in their hands?

JD: No one city has an unbalanced amount of hecklers. But certain venues sometimes do. The audience can only be as good as the venue. A place will either keep that sort of thing in check until their crowds know they can’t do it, or an establishment will let the inmates run the asylum. I hate hecklers. So much. Not because they’re outspoken, but because they’re so frequently selfish crybabies. Nobody in the room is interested in their feelings, yet they force the entire room to focus on them.

RM: What’s up next for you in the second half of 2013? Anything big in the works that we should know about?

JD: I have a double album coming out this Summer, so I’m excited about that. And I’m touring pretty extensively into the Fall. All my tour dates are posted at joederosacomedy.com.

Joe’s Official Website: http://www.joederosacomedy.com/

Joe on Twitter: https://twitter.com/joederosacomedy

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