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Comedian Jodi Miller

Jodi Miller has been performing Stand Up comedy all over the country for over 14yrs, and has also been overseas to entertain the troops in Afghanistan. She is a high energy comic who has a unique take on life.  She’s not afraid to push the envelope covering everything from cats, to singer/song writers and how her dad is desperate to get her knocked up! She’s a reoccurring guest commentator on CNN’s Showbiz Tonight and has also been seen on The Tonight Show, Comedy Central, SyFy and Playboy Plus.  Jodi was writer on the Cinemax series Co-Ed Confidential and is also the co-author of the WTF Series WTF College, WTF Work & WTF Women SRSLY WTF, WTF America and OMG: GUYS all available in stores and online now.  And she’s our guest today in five questions.

RM: First and foremost, do you have any material about the joys of being a cat owner? Have you been a cat person your whole life?

JM: Yes I have a lot of cat material. Not so much about the joys of having a cat, more about me chasing him around the house and trying to mouth kiss him. One of my more well-known jokes is how I explain how men are really like cats and women are like dogs. And yes I grew up having cats, although now I just have one. Everyone thinks I have more but trust me IT’S JUST ONE!!

RM: Was there anything that you learned from the four years that you were a writer on HBO’s “Co-Ed Confidential” that you didn’t expect to learn from being on the writing staff? Overall, what was that whole experience like for you?

JM: I learned that soft porn doesn’t write itself! HBO owns Cinemax so when I got this job I did think I was writing for a show on HBO until the first writer’s meeting where they told me that there needed to be four sex scenes per ½ hour show. I said “Hold on, four sex scenes?? What network is this going to be on?” That’s when I realized I was writing for “Skin-a-max”. To be honest, it was one of the best jobs I have ever had. The show was fun to write and I grew to love the characters I helped create. And now I am REALLY good at writing sex scenes!!

RM: On your website it says that you offer a four week training course that essentially provides coaching for people who have funny ideas and want to make the transition into performing standup…Besides fear, what is the biggest hurdle that you think people have to overcome when they make the decision to get on stage for the first time?

JM: Trying to get someone to really be themselves on stage. Many people I work with sometimes compare themselves to their favorite comedians, so they think I’ll just do what they do. When the truth is finding your own “voice” is what makes you successful. I really work on that because that’s what’s gonna set you a part from the rest. Another hurdle I face when working with someone is they think they have nothing to talk about or they don’t want to talk about really personal things. First of all, EVERYONE has something to talk about because everyone has a point of view. I tend to encourage newer comics to talk about their personal lives because usually there are people in that crowd that have experienced something similar and can relate like a break-up, getting fired, having a child, starting a new relationship, going through a divorcee etc. It’s also very therapeutic for the comic as well. My favorite saying is “You can spend 10yrs on the couch or 10mins on stage.” I’ve been performing on stage for 14+ yrs, so that tells you how F%#ked I am.

RM: You produce a Thursday Night show at the World Famous Comedy Store – how did that get started and what does that show usually consist of? In which room is it located?

JM:  It’s in the Belly Room of The Comedy Store. It’s called The “C” Word Show and contrary to popular belief it’s not an all-female show. Iliza Shlesinger and I started it almost 5yrs ago because we wanted to create a great show where both seasoned comics and newbies could come and work out their material. I now run it with two amazing comics, Sunah Bilsted and Kristal Oates. And yes The “C” Word means what you think it means…it’s the 1st letter in ComedyJ

RM: I noticed that you’re really good friends with Iliza Schlesinger, who we’ve also interviewed here. Do you find for the most part that your views on comedy and the way it works are pretty much the same? Have you guys ever had a real fundamental disagreement regarding the business?

JM: Yes Iliza and I are good friends and I’m sure there are things we’ve disagreed about, but as far as the fundamentals of this business we both believe in hard work and talent. I also believing in sleeping my way to the top, I just haven’t had the offer yet…but I’m waiting.

RM: What’s up next for Jodi Miller in the twelve months to come? Anything big in the works that we should know about?

JM: I’ll be doing another Military tour this fall and working on a new book. (I’m the co-author of the WTF Series: WTF College, WTF Work, WTF Women, SRSLY WTF and WTF America) I am also working on a few projects for TV right now, nothing I can really talk about at the moment but hopefully soon, so stayed tuned!!! Also I’m gonna try to get knocked up.

Official Website:  http://www.jodimillercomedy.com/

Jodi on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jodmill

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