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Comedian Daryl Wright

By Ryan Meehan

Daryl Wright is an emerging talent and hilarious comic. Currently he performs at clubs across America and has appeared as a feature comic on the Showtime Special Jon Lovitz Presents, Comedy Central’s Comics to Watch 2012, and was featured on George Carlin’s 75th Birthday Show for the Thomas Jefferson Center. Daryl’s star is just starting to shine brighter than ever. He is not just a great comic but a voice which gives a unique American perspective. An African American comedian whose proudest onstage moment was not anyone of the numerous TV appearances, but winning over an entire audience of Klux Klux Klan members. His point of view covers everything from in-depth NASCAR knowledge to what it means to be a felon that pays taxes. (which is why he is a Republican) And to top all that off, he’s also our guest today in 5 Questions.

FOH: Moving from Washington D.C. to San Antonio seems like an odd path to take to pursue standup…What interested you about comedy in Texas so much that you were willing to move there?

DW:  I didn’t move to Texas to do comedy. I moved there to get away from the mistakes I had made and were scared to repeat. In D.C., I started doing comedy completely by accident. I was drunk in a bar talking and laughing when someone said I should be a comic. So next Friday I was on stage at an open mic….dying.

RM:  What’s the biggest misconception that people have about the comedic writing process? Did you find that was one of the misconceptions that you had about it before you started?

DW:  I write my comedy from my life experiences. It’s about just living. The misconception I see is that it is very difficult have a funny story incorporate people the audience has never met or places they have never been to. That is simply untrue. I try to take the crowd on a journey with me to the world… as I see it and live it.

RM:  You do the NASCAR segment on the “Jay Mohr Sports” show on Fox Sports radio…Where is NASCAR at as a sport in this country as far as marketability outside of its traditional fanbase?

DW:  I love NASCAR as a sport and I believe that it is about to explode in popularity. Everyone has a car so it can be relatable to everyone. I do believe it is imperative that NASCAR start to embrace the fans of different cultures by having more minority voices like myself. It is a beautiful chess game of a sport that can be enjoyed by anyone as long as everyone feels truly welcome.

RM:  I see that Jon Lovitz has been pretty integral to your career as well…How did you meet Jon and what is the most important part of comedic knowledge that he’s shared with you?

DW: I met Jon thru his old business partner Frank Kelley , who knew me from the Improv. Jon taught me to not be intimidated and to embrace talented people. For the longest time I had the problem of people thinking I was “too funny” so I was shunned from working with more popular comics than myself. Jon saw me and immediately took me under his wing and encouraged me to get even better. For that I am eternally grateful.

RM:  How do I know what time is “Vodka Time”? Is there a special clock that I can get to alert me when the time is near?

DW:  You will know its #vodkatime whenever I’m around basically. I’m human and my particular vice is vodka. I don’t drink and drive. I’m not going to ever be drunk on stage, but I do enjoy my #vodkatime when it presents itself.

RM:  I talked to Brian Fischler here recently and I saw that you are performing at this benefit going on May 7th “Laugh For Sight”. How did you get involved with this cause?

DW:  I’ve known Brian and Nash since I lived in NY. When he approached me with what he was doing, I begged him to let me help anyway I could. I have been blessed with a gift and I will try in any way can to give to people in need.

FOH:  What’s next for Daryl Wright in the twelve months to come? Anything big in the works that we should know about?

DW:  I am currently the NASCAR Analyst for Jay Mohr Sports. I am going to be hitting the road hard and playboys, I hope to see you at a show at your town sometime soon

Official Website: http://www.darylwright.org/DW/Home.html

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