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“Frances Ha” trailer

The new trailer for Frances Ha, the latest from director Noah Baumbach (FOH favorite Margot At The Wedding, The Squid and The Whale) proves to me that I have had enough Greta Gerwig.

In theaters on May 17th, this is Baumbach’s follow up to the quirky but solid Greenberg. Let’s hope that Gerwig has found some restraint for her aloof/socially awkward-girl standard fare, but it’s not likely.


  • She’s adorable. I could do without the attractive-woman-who-is-also-a-klutz thing, but otherwise she has great timing and made me a fan in Greenberg. She was awesome in House of the Devil and made the last Whit Stillman film much better than it would have been. I wonder how her career will progress as she ages out of this particular character that she keeps playing, though.

  • Damsels was insufferable and I love Whit Stillman. She hasn’t broken out from her mumblecore days (Hanna takes the stairs etc.) and thus I have grown tired of her.

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