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Texas Is The Reason – Do You Know Who You Are?: The Complete Collection

In 1996 Texas Is The Reason released Do You Know Who You Are? which provided a tentpole for post-punk and emo bands (as awful as they are) that grace the modern airwaves. After one full-length album they broke up and disappeared in to indie rock obscurity but remained a prominent staple of any SDRE loving college kid from the late 90’s.

Today Revelation Records is releasing a fully expanded edition of the classic album. It includes the original 9 tracks plus 5 rare tracks and 2 previously unreleased songs, which were the final two songs that the band wrote together. The songs were recently recorded with Do You Know Who You Are? producer J. Robbins.

Track list:

1. Johnny On The Spot
2. The Magic Bullet Theory
3. Nickel Wound
4. There’s No Way I Can Talk Myself Out Of This One Tonight (The Drinking Song)
5. Something To Forget (Version II)
6. Do You Know Who You Are?
7. Back And To The Left
8. The Day’s Refrain
9. A Jack With One Eye
10. Every Little Girl’s Dream (previously unreleased)
11. When Rock ‘N’ Roll Was Just A Baby (previously unreleased)
12. Blue Boy
13. Something To Forget (Version I)
14. If It’s Here When We Get Back It’s Ours
15. Dressing Cold
16. Antique

Here is a video that documents parts of a reunion show from October 2012 as well as a few interviews:

Purchase the album here – Link

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  • I’d like to talk a little bit about what Cal means when he says that Texas Is the Reason’s 1996 album “provided a tentpole for post-punk and emo bands (as awful as they are) that grace the modern airwaves.”

    You can’t do anything about how people twist your idea after you construct something that’s great. I would never speak for Cal, but what I think he is saying here is that when you have a great idea as an artist, you absolutely cannot worry what might come from having a great mindset and how people will bastardize such an idea in the future if the purity is there. You just have to basically focus on the task at hand and do the deal right then and there. That’s what makes great music.

    Texas is the Reason is one of the few bands from that era that I liked, and that’s a pretty tall glass of holy shit when you consider how much came after that album that I hate with a passion.

    The point here is that no matter what you try to create, no matter what point in time that you try to create it, there will always be something or somebody that says you influenced them that shouldn’t even be putting forth energy into whatever they are doing.

    Great post, and it feels so relieveing to sit down at a computer and read something like this. Bravo man.


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