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5 Questions with Megan Gailey

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Comedian Megan Gailey

by Ryan Meehan

Megan Gailey is a founding member of Chicago’s stand-up and sketch group “Your Funniest Friends”, she was the only female finalist in NYC’s Laughing Devil Festival, headlined the Chicago Women’s Funny Festival and co-hosts the comedy podcast Naked Sports Live. Megan has appeared on NBC Chicago, WGN and performed with Brad Garrett, Kevin Nealon, Amy Schumer, Nikki Glaser and Bobby Lee. Megan works and applies makeup at a fanatical pace. She continues to search for a rich husband, just in case.  And she’s our guest today in 5 Questions.

FOH:  What’s the Chicago scene like for you as a comic?  Do you have a favorite venue you like to perform at?  I know that Indianapolis is not that far away from where you’re at, what do you think of that city and places like Morty’s?

MG: For a young comedian, I think moving to Chicago was the smartest thing I ever did. The Chicago comedy scene has been the best place for me to start my career. I have been overwhelmed by the amount of talent and helpful people. In the passed year there have been numerous new clubs open up and the local showcase scene is the best I’ve experienced, in my four years here. Indy being so close, is also a huge plus for me. I can see my parents and childhood friends as often as I want. Morty’s and Crackers are both great clubs that continue to grow their local crop of Indy talent.

FOH:  How did you originally overcome the initial fear of trying standup in front of an audience?  What was your first show like?

MG: I had been doing theater for most of my life. So while doing stand-up, alone and as yourself with your written material is a totally different and scary experience, the idea of stage fright was not crippling for me. My first time doing stand-up was fun and scary and I was horrible. I got a great response and thought I’d figured it all out. I wore a skin tight vest. So I was clearly wrong.

FOH:  What’s the most productive thing that a comedian can do in the writing process?

MG: I’m horrible at writing. I dread it. I find reasons to put it off. It’s not something that comes naturally to me. Some people love it and I envy them. For me the best thing I can do is go on stage, preferably at a place I feel very comfortable, and talk about something. Something I’ve thought about, made me angry, made me happy, anything. Just start with an idea and see where it takes me. I record most of my sets so I can go back and listen to what I liked or got the biggest laughs and then I try to go from there. (In a perfect world I do this.)

FOH:  You are Irish and extremely good looking.  I am Irish and look like a bridge troll.  How would you explain this to a child as an example of how cruel and unjust this world can really be?  And how would you make it funny?

MG: I have red hair, freckles and pale (or sometimes orange skin). Most people would say that is not a trio that combines to make someone “extremely good looking”. But the reality is, I have a beautiful mom and a handsome dad. They’re also really fun and generous and love vacations. So yes, the world is unfair. I was blessed with hot, successful parents. So get good genes and you’ll be fine. In the end, I’m pear shaped and wax my mustache, so it all evens out.

FOH:  Could you tell us a little bit about “YourFunniestFriends.com”?

MG: Your Funniest Friends is a group of comedians I have been a part of for 2 and half years. We all did a show together at a coffee house for 17 year-olds and so much fun we decided to form a group. We started producing shows together and when we’re lucky get to go on road trips as a group. Their friends and comics and people I like to be around creatively.

FOH:  What’s next for Megan Gailey in the twelve months to come?  Anything big in the works that we should know about?

MG: I’m currently working on a project with one of my best friends, Liza Treyger. She’s a comedian and a girl and one of my biggest inspirations. It’s a lot about the fun experiences we’ve had as friends and comics and women on the road. There will be a lot of eating and dress wearing involved.  I also co-host a sports podcast called Naked Sports Live. It’s with another red headed, freckled and pale comedian who also turned out decent. We talk about sports and bicker and I mostly talk about food I like.  I just try to surround myself with my friends and people I think are funny. It’s worked out so far.

Official Website:  megangailey.com

Megan on Twitter: @megangailey

Megan on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MeganGaileyComedy

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