5 Questions Interview


Comedian Josh Alton

by Ryan Meehan

Our guest today in 5 Questions is comedian and trophy husband Josh Alton.   
FOH:  How did you get your start doing comedy?  Did your first gig go well? 

JA:  The short answer is that friends in college thought I was funny, and wanted me to try doing stand-up.  So I signed up for an open mic at the Des Moines Funny Bone, and haven’t stopped getting on stage since.  My first time on stage wasn’t pretty, but I did get some good laughs.  Most of the material was about going to bars and talking to girls.  At the end I brought the house down with my impressions of Hulk Hogan and The Macho Man Randy Savage!

FOH:  Which venue is your favorite to perform at?  What is it about that place that makes it so special for you? 

JA:  I have to go back to the Des Moines Funny Bone on this one.  In addition to being a great club, it’s my hometown club, and every time a perform there the crowd is packed with my friends and family.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  I also love performing at the Chicago Improv.  It’s a huge room that seats around 500, and in the past I’ve opened for the like of Dave Attell, Jon Lovitz, David Alan Grier, Kevin Pollak, and Tammy Pescatelli there.

FOH:   How has becoming a father changed the way you view entertainment and the entertainment industry? 

JA:  It hasn’t really changed my views on the entertainment industry too much.  I’ve always thought that entertainment is very important, and with the tough times that many people are going through today, it is more important than ever.  Being a father has made it a little tougher to participate in the entertainment industry, mainly because of the amount of travel involved with being a stand-up.  However, entertaining is in my blood and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

FOH:  Has it changed the writing process for you at all? 

JA:  It’s changed what I write about, but not necessarily the writing process.  I tend to talk about my life on stage, and so of course I have tons of new material about my daughter and being a first time father.  I mean I’ve basically gone from being “Frank the Tank” to Clark Griswald in the last year, so there’s tons of material there!  It’s also prompted me to start a new blog on my website that I call the “Trophy Husband Blog”, where I talk about some of the crazy stuff that happens while I’m at home watching her.

FOH:  If you had to sum up the current state of comedy in one sentence, what would it be?    

JA:  It’s a great time for comedy because between the internet, satellite radio, television, and live shows, there is literally something out there for everyone, and it’s all very accessible.

FOH:  What’s up next for Josh Alton in the twelve months to come? 

JA:   Look for me to come out with a new CD sometime in the summer/fall of 2013.  Other than that, I plan to keep writing and performing, and working towards making my national television debut.




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