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Comedian Jimmy Pardo

By Ryan Meehan

Jimmy Pardo hosts the award-winning podcast Never Not Funny, the celebrity interview series The Pardo Patrol for TeamCoco.com, and the Nerdist YouTube Channel series Write Now!  He is the star of his own half-hour Comedy Central Presents special and is the opening act for Conan O’Brien at Conan tapings.  Jimmy was the co-writer and star of a critically acclaimed one-man show subtly titled “Attention Must Be Paid: The Jimmy Pardo Story” and a live pilot presentation, “Jimmy Pardo’s Dance Party.” He hosts monthly shows at the famed Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles. He has recorded two comedy albums, “Uno” and “Pompous Clown.” and he’s our guest today in 5 Questions.

FOH:  Finish this sentence…in order for a comedian to do great crowd work, he or she must…
JP: have the skill to do it. Asking a guy what they do for a living and just crapping on it isn’t crowd work.
FOH:  What are the primary differences between “Uno” and “Pompous Clown”?  Were there any fundamental differences in the writing processes? 
JP: Uno is material based mixed with some crowd work. Pompous Clown is about 90% crowd work… a very raw in the moment performance.  Pompous Clown most represents what I do on stage today… getting away from prepared material and mostly improving a set.

FOH:  Could you tell us about the Pardcast-a-Thon that you will be running on the Friday that follows Thanksgiving?  Who will be your guests and what are some of the topics going to be?  


Check out the Pardcastathon this Friday

JP: It is a 12 hour marathon version of my award winning podcast “Never Not Funny” to raise money for the charity “Smile Train”. I have a different guest on every half hour and we just talk about whatever comes up. A lot of Thanksgiving and shopping stories are expected. as of this writing and this is always subject to change, a few of the confirmed guests are Jon Hamm, Rob Corddry and Sarah Silverman.
FOH:  What is it about this charity that is closest to your heart?   
JP: Smile Train goes to third world countries and performs surgeries to repair children’s cleft pallets. Each surgery takes 15 minutes and costs $250. So, if I donate $250, a child’s life is forever changed. It was an equation that made sense to me.
FOH:  What is your current opinion on the state of comedy right now in America?  Overall, is it positive or negative? 
JP: I think it’s in a really great place. There seems to be a nice influx of sharp funny people. The crowds also seem to be returning to the clubs.
FOH:  What’s next for Jimmy Pardo in the twelve months to come?  Any big plans?  
JP: if all goes well and the time is available, Smile Train has offered me to join them on a trip to one of the countries they help. I think this will be a life changing trip and I look forward to it. Otherwise, it’s show business as usual.
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