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Cam Pipes of 3 Inches of Blood

by Ryan Meehan
Canadian heavy metal band Three Inches of Blood has been ripping the flesh off of your speakers for a decade.  They are constantly touring and putting on brutal live shows supporting the material on their five full length albums, the most recent being this year’s “Long Live Heavy Metal”.   At the forefront of this full-fledged metal onslaught is lead singer Cam Pipes, and he was cool enough to be our guest today in 5 Questions.
FOH:  Could you briefly describe your first experience singing heavy metal music in front of a large audience?  Was it what you had expected?  Is there anything that you would have done differently? 

CP:  I think the definition of “large audience” has changed for me over the years. It used to be 100 was a large crowd for me. I think I was probably pretty anxious the first time I got up and sang in front of a crowd. I still get somewhat anxious every now and before hitting the stage regardless of the size of the crowd.
FOH:  With all of the various subgenres of metal today, how would you describe what you do to someone who had never heard you before?  Do you think a lot of those sub-classifications are unnecessary?  
CP: The wide use of sub genre terminology is a bit over the top at times. I guess it’s necessary but not always easy to get the average person to understand what you mean by “neo-industrial proto thrash” or whatever. We are simply heavy metal and that describes us best. I try not to over explain our sound to someone who doesn’t know of us. I may list a couple of influences as reference points but mainly people should understand when I say we’re a fuckin’ heavy metal band.
FOH:  Your vocal style is very reminiscent of many of the bands from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement…Out of all those vocalists, which one would you say has had the greatest influence on you from a songwriting perspective?  How about from a performance perspective? 
CP:  No single vocalist had a bigger impact on me as a songwriter or performer than any other, but as an inspiration to even become a heavy metal singer at all I would have to say Bruce Dickinson.
FOH:  3 Inches of Blood has the luxury of being able to effectively use two singers – Justin Hagberg does the guttural, harsh vocals and you do more of the higher melodies.  Is that more of a long-term plan for the band so as to not damage your vocal chords by having to do both? 
CP:  The band has primarily been a two vocal band. It’s just a dynamic that has always worked for us. Justin and I are both seasoned vocalists. Neither of us are taking it easy or holding back just cuz there’s two of us.
FOH:  The band fired drummer Alexei Rodriguez after a fight with Saxon drummer Nigel Glockler in 2007…What disagreement led to that escalating into an actual fight?  Was the decision to remove Alexei from the band based solely on that incident or were there problems leading up to that event that may have factored into the decision? 

CP:  There were issues that had been building up for a while. The incident with Nigel was a completely random, unprovoked attack that finally tipped the scales to Alexei getting the boot. 

FOH:  3 Inches of Blood released their fifth album “Long Live Heavy Metal” on March 15th of this year, which contains the fourth installment of “Upon the Boiling Sea”.  Is that a song theme that is going to continue on future albums?   

CP:  You never know. Depends on what inspiration enters my head.

FOH:  In your opinion how have heavy metal fans responded to the new record?  Do you feel like as a band you are in the right place creatively or do you feel that there is always more work to be done? 

CP: Fans and critics alike have responded extremely well to this record and we’re very pleased, but we can’t get complacent. We will continue to try and make a better record each time and improve as songwriters. 

FOH:  What’s next for 3 Inches of Blood in the twelve months to come?  Anything big in the works that we should know about? 
CP:  We’re not done touring for this record. There’s a lot more places we need to go. The battle never ends.
Official Website:  www.3inchesofblood.com (under construction)

3 Inches of Blood on Facebook:  Facebook.com/threeinchesofblood

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