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Laura Catalina Ortiz

by Ryan Meehan
You may know Laura Ortiz for her roles in films like “The Hills Have Eyes” and TV programs such as Sleeper Cell:  “American Terror”.  Laura is currently a series regular on FearNet’s original series “Holliston”, and recently voiced multiple characters for Adult Swim’s “Robot Chicken.” In 2010, she completed a lead role in the horror film “Chillerama.”, and she’s our guest today in 5 Questions.
FOH:  You were born in Bogota, Colombia but now you live in Los Angeles.  Did you head to LA right from Colombia or did you live somewhere else here in the states?  What’s your overall take on Los Angeles in general?
LCO: My family moved to Rochester, MN from Colombia when I was 8yrs old. I think of myself as a Midwest/Colombian girl. I also lived in Florida for a year before moving to LA. I really love LA the people are warm and the weather is fabulous. Its the only place I know where you can start your day at the beach then have lunch in the desert and ski at night its pretty unbelievable.
FOH:  At what point in your life did you realize that you wanted to work in the entertainment industry?   Was there a particular TV series or movie that you saw that inspired you to pursue a career as an actress?
LCO:   I wish had a more eloquent answer but I really just remember wanting to be on TV when I was little and putting on plays directed by yours truly as a child. I didn’t dream of being famous I just thought TV was cool and I sort of just knew that’s what I would do.
FOH:  What is it like working with Oderus Urungus from GWAR and Dee Snider
on the set of “Holliston”?  How would you best describe that show to someone
who has never seen it before?
LCO: Dee and Oderus are incredibly funny guys. I have yet to be in a scene with either but I do get to see them and hang out with them often. Their work ethic and comedic timing is impeccable.
FOH:  I see that you’ve worked as a voiceover artist on Adult Swim’s “Robot Chicken”, which is one of my favorite shows.  Did you have any opportunity to see how the writing process for that show is handled or do Seth and Matt pretty much have it done when it comes time to record the audio tracks?  Did you meet Seth when he guest starred on “Holliston” or had you known him prior to that?
LCO:  I’ve known Seth for quite some time. I got to do some improv with him for the intro to “Team Unicorn” Geek and Gamer girls video some time back.  By the time I get to the Robot Chicken set, the writers already have the sketches written and I get to come in and play. I have the easy part!
FOH:  Looking at your resume, you seem to have a pretty wide range of abilities – from children’s TV shows to horror films as well as comedic satire.  If you had to only do one of those three the rest of your career, which one would it be and why?  What seems to be the most natural for you to do?
LCO: It all depends on the project. There are certain scripts that whether it’s because of the language or the story It makes it easy to connect to and fun to play with. I could not pick just one of these genres to do for the rest of my career because they are so different and rewarding in their own ways. I have been blessed to do a little bit of everything and I hope that does not stop.
FOH:  How do you fill your spare time?  Are there any activities or hobbies you have that are of great interest to you?
LCO: I really love to watch live shows: plays, stand-up, music anything where people are being creative and expressing themselves. I really love to create with other people. I’m a big collaborator, right now I’m working on a couple of scripts with my good friend Lynn Lyons who I met through Adam Green.
FOH:  What’s next for Laura Catalina Ortiz in the twelve months to come? Any big plans?
LCO:   You can catch me on Happy Endings this November. You will also hear more of me on Fish Hooks, Robot Chicken and of course you will see a Holliston seasons 2!! and depending on the fans a Season 3!!!!  Fingers crossed!!!

Official Website:   http://www.omnipop.com/artist-details.php?BID=160


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