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Comedian Hugh Moore

By Ryan Meehan

Hugh Moore is a renowned comedy veteran who has immersed himself in various aspects of the comedy profession. His impeccable stand up skills have allowed him to perform at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, The Las Vegas Comedy festival, as well Sketchfest in San Francisco.  Hugh has also performed stand up on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson on CBS, Live At Gotham on Comedy Central and Conan on TBS.  Hugh Moore is not only a gifted stand up comedian but also a respected television writer. He’s written for a variety of shows on MTV, Fox, and Comedy Central as well as the new version of the classic Fox series “In Living Color”.  He saw success on shows such as Last Comic Standing, Chocolate News, Best Damn Sports Show Period and Wildnout where he served as head writer.  Mr. Moore continues to entertain television viewers with his writing and his witty laid back demeanor continues to delight a variety of audiences in person, and he’s our guest this week in 5 Questions. 

FOH: How did you first get your start in comedy and who were your biggest influences? Have you ever had the opportunity to work with anyone you followed intensely while growing up?

HM: Well I’m from NYC and I started doing stand up as a teenager. Jerry Seinfeld is my favorite comedian and I got to watch him occasionally. There are many others but I also admired and watched Chris Rock, Mario Joyner, Lance Crouther, Mike Sweeney, Susie Essman, Anita Wise, Stu Trivax, Fran Solamita, Barry Berry, Larry Miller, Dennis Wolfberg, Jeff Garlin, Adam Sandler, Fred Stoller and John Ridley. There are many more. I was the quiet kid in the back that no one knew and I just watched and observed. I’ve worked with a few of them in various capacities but not many. I almost forgot one summer Eddie Murphy came in a bunch of times and I got to watch him. That was pretty cool. He never toured or did the material on a special though. Lance, Chris and Mario were the guys I always spoke to and admired.

FOH: Out of all of the shows that you’ve written for, which one was the most challenging? Which one was the least challenging, and what about it made the situation feel so natural?

HM: I wrote for Best Damn Sports for a little while and I guess that was the most challenging because all your jokes have to be about sports which can be somewhat limiting and challenging. It was fun though. I’m always worried about doing a good job so I don’t think any show is a cakewalk to me. I worry too much to relax and say “I got this.”

FOH: Do you ever feel like as an African American, you are expected to discuss race issues as a part of your set? If so, is that something that bothers you at all or do you just consider it to be part of the gig?

HM: Nah. I take the crowd wherever I want to take them. They usually come along for the ride. The only time I feel obligated to talk about race is if the show is called: Black Comics Talking About Race.

FOH: Which do you think is the worst part about plagiarism in the comedy community: The fact that certain comedians don’t really get pleasure from writing the jokes themselves, or the fact that they actually go through with it and steal material?

HM: So the person doesn’t like writing jokes so they decide to steal them? That’s crazy to me. It’s actually a new thought to me. I thought people stole because they couldn’t write jokes. Haha. Not because they didn’t get pleasure from it. I love writing jokes so I can’t relate. Anyway stealing is worse.

FOH: What has been your best experience doing standup to this point and what made it so great?

HM: I did stand up on tv show and the taping was in the afternoon so my daughter was able to come with me because it was after school. After my set I was walking in toward the dressing room and she was in the hallway and she hugged me. I think she liked it. She was 6. She doesn’t get to see me perform much so I guess that’s what made it so great. Other than that I love it all the same. Festivals, TV, clubs. It’s kind of magical and cool to do something you love everyday.

FOH: What’s next for Hugh Moore in the twelve months to come? Any big plans?

HM: Hopefully lots of stand up because I love it and one more big thing that I shouldn’t talk about until it’s definite.

Hugh Moore on Twitter:  @hugh_moore – twitter

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