Comedian Thomas Dale at Caroline’s in NYC

By Ryan Meehan

Born to Brooklyn parents, Thomas Dale was raised on the south shore of Long Island.  From a young age Thomas knew he’d make an impact on society with his ability to bring people together. He realized that his talents on stage as a comedian would be the best way to do so.  Armed with a fresh and diverse voice, Thomas has been known to tackle the most complicated social issues while using his own experiences and upbringing on stage.  Among many credits, Thomas can be seen headlining comedy clubs such as Catch a Rising Star as well as colleges across the country. He performs regularly at The Comedy Cellar, Eastville Comedy Club, Stand Up NY and the famous Caroline’s on Broadway.  In 2012 he was selected for New Faces and performed at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. Thomas can also be seen doing commentary on VH1s 100 Sexiest Celebrities and 100 Greatest Child Stars. He was featured on MTVs New Year’s Eve Bash 2011 and he performed alongside of Denis Leary at Comics Come Home in 2010.  He has been a finalist in the NY’s Funniest Competition in New York Comedy Festival 3 yrs in a row and the Bamboozle Music Festival, where he took home best comedian honors in 2007. Thomas was also part of NBC’s Standup for Diversity 2010 and has appeared on Sirius Radio, Comical Radio and WOR’s Joey Reynolds Show. Thomas has a new hit podcast on iTunes called “Nobody Asked You” alongside fellow comic Michael Che.  Edgy…Direct…and most of all Truthful. Speaking from his heart and without filter has never been a problem for Thomas. “Bridging the Gap” in mainstream society is his main goal in comedy, and he’s our guest this today in 5 Questions. 

FOH:  I have to ask, your homepage has a very diamond-themed layout.  Are you a big fan of the bling?  What’s the most expensive piece of jewelry you own?
TD: I don’t own any expensive jewelry. My comedic persona and brand is everything I aspire to be and am on the inside. So as my website would point out, I’m a gaudy guido. One day I aspire to be blinged out from head to toe. I want diamonds on my rims.
FOH:   You bio contains the sentence “With his ability to perform before any crowd, Thomas has risen to the ranks of the comedy world, making him a leader among his peers for a new era in the industry.”  What does the new era of comedy look like and what qualities will the stars of it possess that set them apart from the comedians who were successful before them?  Which negative qualities might some of the comedians have who will unfortunately be left out of that new era?
TD: Well I must be honest, that bio was written by my old managers so I can’t really take credit for the words. But I’m assuming he meant the new era of comedy meaning the next generation. In my opinion I would describe my generation of comics as comics that have added the performance value back into comedy. In the 80s it was all about the character and performance then in the late 90s early 2000s it was all about keeping it real and dark edgy humor. Now I think my generation has incorporated both of these qualities of real and performance thus creating a new era of comedy. As far as negative qualities are concerned I don’t really focus or acknowledge negativity so ill leave it by saying I think if your funny no matter what “era” you may be from you wont be left out.
FOH:  In an industry where Youtube videos and other digital shorts are crucial to a comedian getting to be well-known, do you feel that there is a lot of pressure on you to both write and produce shorts that are groundbreaking?
TD: Absolutely. I have my own You Tube Channel, I was lucky enough to have a video go locally viral in Long island, so that was cool. I’m always trying to stay productive and creative. As a comic I’m responsible for so much of my craft. I’m pursuing so much at one time while also tracking my career and making sure its running properly because I am a business as well as an artist. Its a difficult task to have to stay on top of working on my act by performing 5 – 10 times a week as well as writing, headlining around the country, taking acting classes, auditioning, writing scripts and treatments, going to the gym, social networking, and then on top of it doing my podcast and producing videos for you tube. I’ve decided to seek out production companies that are interested in working with me to produce my content so this way I can focus on the funny.
FOH:  You do a podcast called “Nobody Asked You” with Michael Che.  With so many comedy podcasts out there, do you feel in any way that market has become over saturated?  What do you guys try to do different with your podcast so it isn’t “Just another comedy podcast”?
TD: I think its great that everyone has a podcast, I don’t think it’s over saturated because it doesn’t matter how many are out there, it matters how many are funny. There is enough internet space for all of us. If your podcast is funny then you will develop a fan base and if it is not then you wont. Its that simple so I don’t really care about all the other ones out there, I just focus on making mine the best it can be. Michael Che and I focus on our dynamic. We are a “Podcast Show” that is funny. We are not just a comedy podcast. We are a Show. People who are steady listeners get to enjoy the evolution of our relationship and the show. It is hilarious and nonstop laughter.
FOH:  You were featured on MTV’s New Years Bash 2011, what was that whole experience like for you?  Had you done NYE in Times Square prior to that?
TD: Well the segment that I was on was a talking head segment where we made jokes about the things that had happened in 2011. It was prerecorded so I wasn’t in times square for NYE. But it was my TV debut and it was nice to see my mug up on TV.
FOH:  Out of all of the comics that you have performed with, who was the best to work with?  What was it about them that made you feel so comfortable in their presence?
TD: To be honest when I did Comics Come Home and  Denis Leary made me feel so welcomed and honored. He is someone that I grew up seeing on TV so it was really cool to be in his presence and to be valued by him as a comic. It was pretty amazing and when he introduced me to an arena of 7000 people he said the coolest and kindest words. So that was pretty awesome. He’s a great dude and I’ll always remember that experience and be grateful to him for giving me one of my 1st big opportunities.
FOH:  What’s next for Thomas Dale in the twelve months to come?
TD: In the next year I will be breaking into TV and film and as always be bettering myself as a stand up comic.
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