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Joseph Julian Soria as photographed by Lesley Bryce

by Ryan Meehan
With distinguished roles in a variety of projects, Joseph Julian Soria is proving that he possesses the talent, energy and experience to bring memorable characters to life on the small and silver screen. Soria’s acting resume includes featured guest spots on many of today’s notable television shows including Dexter, The Shield, CSI: Miami, Sons of Anarchy, The Closer, Bones, and Southland.  In film, Soria’s credits include Fast and Furious and Crank: High Voltage, High School (2010) and All She Can (2011). In 2008, he was buzzed about as one of the hottest breakout actors tied to his role in director Andrew Fleming’s Hamlet 2, starring alongside Steve Coogan and Catherine Keener. The film and still remains as the third highest selling independent film coming out of the Sundance Film Festival.  And he’s our guest today in 5 Questions…
FOH:  I’m looking over your bio, and I came across the sentence: “Although often cast as the bad boy, Soria has proven to have the chops to conquer many other roles, including comedic characters”.  You seem like a really nice guy…Why do you think that you are cast in so many of those roles?  
JJS: I think it’s because of my look.  I have strong facial features and short hair, it can sometimes make me look tough (chuckling). Silly but that’s how it is. 

FOH:  What’s the story behind “Filly Brown”?  What motivated you to get involved in that project and what type of feedback did you hear about the film after its premiere at Sundance?  
JJS: It’s a story about a girl who is a street poet and aspires to be a rapper/artist signed to a label. She accomplishes that goal and the audience gets to see her evolve as an artist and as a person while she goes through her journey. In the end she comes to realize that what really matters to her is family. I initially became involved because of Gina Rodriguez (who plays Filly Brown), she is a really good friend of mine and told me I had to do this film with her. I wasn’t able to attend Sundance due to another commitment but I heard it sold out at all the venues and that Gina really shined in the film. 

FOH:  Let’s talk about “Army Wives” for a second.  Had you watched that show on a regular basis previously before joining the cast?  How would you describe your character Hector Cruz? 
JJS: I had not watched the show on a regular basis but had seen a few episodes. I would describe Hector as a young man that is eager to be the best husband and soldier possible but sometimes his immaturity gets him into trouble. 

FOH:  You appear to be in crazy good shape.  What is your exercise routine like?  Are you on some type of special diet? 

JJS: (Chuckling) Thanks. I workout 5 days a week and do plyometrics workouts 2 to 3 days a week. My diet consists of lean protein, moderate carbs and little fat. 

FOH:  In the future, would you like to do directing work? Did you get involved with any direction in “Hamlet 2”?  
JJS Directing? Andrew Flemming was a great director, and I would be interested in directing in the future; but for now I know I want to produce. 

FOH:  You participated in the Tough Mudder Run in 2011 to benefit the Wounded Warriors Program.  Is the military something that has been very close to your heart over the years?  Do you have any family members that have served?
JJS: I have an uncle that served in Vietnam and he lived with my mom and I for several years. We became very close and he would often tell me stories at my bidding but would never go into too much detail.  I could tell, even as a little kid, that it was something that had a huge effect on him. For that reason, I have respect for the men and women that serve in our armed forces.

FOH:  What’s next for you in the twelve months to follow other than looking forward to the release of “Mission Park”?
JJS: Honestly, just more of the same. I look forward to getting attached to more projects and just working.   I also hope to do some traveling, there is so much to see in this beautiful world we live in.

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