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by Ryan Meehan

Emma Fuhrmann’s first big break came when Director David Nutter hired her for the role of Sissy Peele in the pilot episode of NBC/Bruckheimer’s “CHASE”  From there she booked the lead role in Rob Reiner’s film  “The Magic of Belle Isle”, also starring Morgan Freeman out now. She was in episode 8 of NBC’s “Prime Suspect as Amanda Patterson, the only witness to her parents’ murder.  And today, she’s our guest in 5 Questions. 

FOH:  Could you tell us a little bit about “The Magic of Belle Isle”? 

EF: Yes!  The Magic of Belle Isle is a movie about a western writer (Morgan Freeman) who is an alcoholic & wheelchair bound.  He comes to spend the summer at Belle Isle and ends up next door to my families’ summer home.  The people of Belle Isle slowly work their magic on him and my character wants to learn from him about imagination and writing.  We all grow together and it’s a really great summer family movie!

FOH:  When you found out that you were going to be working with Morgan Freeman, which movie of his did you watch first to get an idea of what his acting abilities were like?  Were you nervous when you first met him? 

EF: We watched the Bucket List because it was directed by Rob Reiner and Morgan was in it too so it seemed like the perfect one to watch.  I met him at the read thru/welcome party at Rob’s house and he had his Stetson on and he was just so nice and easy to be around.  He was so easy going and I never ever felt pressured while I was around him.  It has been such a great blessing in my life.

FOH:  Both “Raspberry Jam” and “Are We Listening” are classified as short films.  Since you’ve done so much commercial work, was it easier to transition into doing a full-length feature film since you had that bridge of a couple of short films in the middle?

EF: I didn’t even think of it like that.  I had done some independent features as well so this just seemed natural to me.  What was most different was that I worked every single day but one day on set during The Magic of Belle Isle.  I had never worked every day for 5 weeks before but to be honest even on that one off day I had I was down there on set visiting with everyone.  I love doing this so much!

FOH:  I noticed that you recently participated in a campaign for The Alzheimer’s Association.  Are there any other charities that you hope to work with in the future? 

EF: Definitely that’s my favorite part about this!! The Alzheimer’s Association campaign allowed me to remember my Grandma who had Alz. I fell in love with the charity called The Gentle Barn. The Gentle Barn takes in animals that are abused and/or injured and rehabilitates them and then they take at- risk kids to be around the animals and the animals help the kids and the kids help the animals…it’s this great circle of rehabilitation (www.thegentlebarn.org).  I also am going to work with The Boot Girls to help with their Boot Campaign for U.S. soldiers and their families. www.bootcampaign.com.  I really want to continue to help with childhood cancer patients at Cook Children’s in Fort Worth, TX too.  Giving back is probably the most important thing I can do.

FOH:  What other activities do you enjoy when you’re not acting?  Are you involved in any sports?  Do have any pets? 

EF: In the summer you can find we swimming on my swim team- we just finished up the final All Stars meet this week.  I swam in two relays for my team (freestyle and medley). I also like to read books and play Words with Friends!  I have a dog, she’s a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier named Kirby Jane and she is the best dog!  I just taught her a new trick- she can jump through a hula hoop now!    

FOH:  What is it about fashion and design that you find to be so compelling?  

EF: I really like fashion and style and I just started doing some sketching and discovered I really liked it!  I tried out a few kits and then just started sketching on my own and now I dream of my own fashion line someday! 

FOH:  What do you have planned for the next twelve months? 

EF:  Well, I never know what is going to happen with film projects that come up but I do know I will start school at the end of August, go skiing in January, work with my charities and hopefully start filming another movie or two in there as well!  That would be a great year!

Check out any of the below links for more information on Emma, and make sure to go to www.bootcampaign.com and help our soldiers and their families.

Official Website:   http://www.emmafuhrmann.com/

Twitter:  @emmafuhrmann

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