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I have been gushing over Invalids – Eunoia for much of the year and was delighted to hear that they have a brand new song out.   Monary System is available on a 4 way, split 7″ on Enjoyment Records.  I caught up  with 1/2 of Invalids, Pete Davis after his recent move to New Jersey and he gave me a little bit of info about the release:

Cal – Can you tell us a little about the new song?

P.D. – The story is the liason/owner/possibly sole guy involved with Enjoyment Records, Dale, contacted me a while ago (probably like March) asking if I was interested in making vinyl, doing a hard-copy release on Enjoyment, and that sort of blossomed into the idea of doing a split.  He had the idea for going two US bands with two UK bands, doing a total like old-school-punk-style 7″, and had specifically the other three bands in mind at the time (I think).  He offered to take care of all the logistics of pressing vinyl, distribution, packaging/art, etc., all without any cost from us.  The split is otherwise free/name-your-price for digital downloads, but I’m fairly certain the vinyl will be sweet as hell, especially considering it will be the only Invalids recording officially hard-pressed at the time of its release.

Cal – Was this a Eunoia B-side or a brand new track?

P.D. – He gave us a deadline of like mid-May, so I wrote the song specifically for the split.  I wanted to summarize the Invalids style in as short a song as possible (since the playtime on a 7″ is pretty miniscule).  I also tried to write a gnarly bass track for Nick, he added some stuff, did a playthrough video which is awesome and shows his wacky long fingers and ultimate stoic prowess.  And the rest was up to Dale.  Now we have a pretty swell 7″ with three other cool bands and I really dig all the tracks.  A++ would work with Enjoyment Records again.

Cal – Any other news on the Pete Davis/Invalids front?

P.D. – I have a plan still to do a unique split with chiptune artist/personal friend an0va.  That’s as far as we have planned right now, but there will for sure be more to come.  Also I’m working on re-recording my old Pete Davis solo music (the acoustic stuff); the second album (chronologically) is almost entirely done and will be released relatively shortly.


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