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Walker and Bottemly sharing a drink

by Ryan Meehan

Brutally vengeful art formed in the bowls of the Twin Cities. Gay Witch Abortion’s debut album “MAVERICK” jams itself into that sort of a classification. Like a unicorn spearing its prey, having so little patience it completely shreds the kittens into tiny morsels of sweet bloody pulp candies. The taste of blood has ruined many a creature, there is a simplistic aura surrounding the violence, drawing you in, just close enough to feel the power, but still leaving an unconquered taste in your soul. So you go back and try it again and again. Getting your senses tugged and thwarted back and forth by the punishing beauty of the hunt.   This duo of Shawn Walker and Jesse Bottemly combine together to puree a gigantic rhythmic stew of guitar and drums. If you close your eyes, you might find yourself imagining your childhood, putting your fingers in to the ceiling fan.  It hurts, but it brings a sense of power and risk. Doing the wrong thing, instead of the right thing. Perhaps drawing blood, breaking something.  Getting in trouble.  This is your sound track. Punishing and aggressive, a tornado’s ballad.  Lighting and thunder rain down from the speakers without regard for shelter or comfort. Real power, natural power, the sounds of Gay Witch Abortion.  Shawn Walker from GWA was cool enough to be our guest this week in 5 Questions.

FOH: First off, where did the name come from? Was the intention to just see how squeamish people get when they read or hear it, or otherwise? I bet Mitt Romney is a huge Gay Witch Abortion fan…

Shawn:  We got the name from a friend’s picture. They were standing in an alley and gay witch abortion was written on the wall behind them and we were like “what does that even mean?”  Couple of months later, we needed a band name and that one really seemed to make all of my friends react in very different ways. Not all were good, I was sold.

FOH: I notice a lot of similarities between you guys and both High on Fire and Camp Kill Yourself. Would you say that’s accurate, and are there other artists that you think are more up your alley that maybe some of our readers are unaware of?

Shawn:  Well I don’t know Camp Kill Yourself, I will have to check them out. But as far as influences, we both listen to a lot of stuff that sounds nothing like us…Exotica, old electronica, moon dog..etc. We do listen to heavy stuff too but we don’t go for that as a sound. Just kinda happens. I do love some Moondog and ChiCha Libre!

FOH: What’s the most unusual thing that’s ever happened to you guys while playing shows on the road? Any good stories from SXSW?

Shawn:  SXSW?…just hellish traffic. We played a show on a raft, swirling down the old Miss. That was weird-terrifying-awesome. They had a motor boat tow us up the river, then they cut us loose and we floated down the river about a mile, then they caught us again towed us back to the dock. Fun, but if our shit was not screwed down to the raft, it would have been in the river. And that was in Minneapolis.

FOH: Which effect or distortion pedal can you absolutely not live without?

Shawn:  Well, I play drums so….Ice Cream…strawberry

FOH: With all of the metal subgenres today (such as stoner metal, sludge, doom metal, et cetera…) do you ever sometimes wish people would just chill the fuck out and realize that it’s all just metal and that those are just bullshit terms that journalists use to make themselves sound smarter than they actually are?

Shawn:  Yes, but hairless shoe metal? I would go see or listen to that.

FOH: What’s next for Gay Witch Abortion in the twelve months to come?

Shawn:  12 months?  Don’t know but finishing a record now, playing Total Fest in Aug. and going out for a short time with Big Business in Sept. That should be awesome! And then it will be cold.

Official Website:  http://www.myspace.com/gaywitchabortion

GWA on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gay-Witch-Abortion/188993883123

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